Simple Fabric Basket

The nursery is pretty close to being finished! I’ve only got a few smaller things to wrap up but I’ve fallen a bit behind on sharing the projects on the blog so here’s one of those projects that’s been done for a while.

After I started putting the nursery together I thought it would be nice to have a storage basket to put next to the chair. That way I can throw in a blanket or anything else that I might want near me that doesn’t work on the cart.

I found an easy to follow tutorial on the blog Make it and Love it. The tutorial explains it well so I don’t really have a whole lot to add. I’ll just add a few comments as to what I did. I used the same supplies suggested and cut the fabric to the same sizes. The main green fabric I used is left over from the ottoman, lined with a stiff fusible interfacing and the lining fabric is just a thick muslin.

Nursery Fabric Basket 1

Other than gathering all the needed supplies I pretty much just followed the tutorial from there. As you can see I already sewed the bottom corners to make the box shape and then pinned the tops together, right sides facing out.

Nursery Fabric Basket 2

If I remember correctly I did go ahead and serge the top of the bag before turning it twice for the top hem.

Nursery Fabric Basket 3

Once the basket was together I installed the eyelets using the directions that came in the package.

Nursery Fabric Basket 4

All that was left after that was to tie on the handles.

Nursery Fabric Basket 5

For now I’ve just got some stuffed animals and blankets inside for show but we’ll see how it ends up getting used.

Nursery Fabric Basket 6 Nursery Fabric Basket 7

This is the first fabric basket I’ve ever made and I’m surprised with how quick and easy it was. I still have enough eyelets left for another basket so maybe I’ll make a second one later.

Don’t forget to check out the tutorial I linked at the top of the post if you want to make your own. There are a lot more detailed instructions there.

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