DIY Contoured Changing Pad Cover

Another quick sewing project I did for the nursery was to make a couple of changing pad covers. I found this tutorial online about how to make a countered changing pad cover.

I ended up piecing together two different covers using some minky and cotton fabrics that I had left over from other projects. They weren’t my first choice of fabrics but I wanted to work with what I had.

Here’s the first one I made. . .

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 2

and the second.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 4

The directions aren’t to complicated but it did involve me having to create my own pattern for the ends which I didn’t love doing. The pattern endedย  up being a little lopsided but it did turn out ok.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 5

For the top all I had to do was piece my fabrics together to get the dimensions I needed.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 6

The most confusing part of the process was actually sewing the top to the side pieces.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 9

As a side note: With my first cover I used cotton on one end which doesn’t stretch at all. I found it really frustrating and nearly impossible to get lined up with the length of the top. The corners were also really hard to get to come out smoothly. That’s the reason I switched to using the minky on both ends of the second one.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 3

Once everything was sewn together I serged the edges to finish them and then just created a casing for the elastic. I did find that since I used some cotton fabric the covers didn’t stretch quite as well over the pad. I think on the second cover I did use a longer piece of elastic than the tutorial suggested.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 7

I know the color choices and fabrics may not be ideal for a changing pad but at least we’ve got a few covers to start out with.

Nursery Changing Pad Cover 8

One thought on “DIY Contoured Changing Pad Cover

  1. My mom made two different patterns for mine, and they both fit….kinda funky. I don’t know what it is about contoured changing pads, but they are hard to get a good fit on. Don’t beat yourself up. Just be glad you have something to absorb the pee spray that is inevitable. (trust me, and I have a girl!) =) xo

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