Kindle E-Reader Cover

Before Nolan was born I had a few posts in various stages of being worked on. Obviously I never got around to finishing them but I don’t want to leave them out so I’m going to try to finish them up now. One of those projects was a kindle pouch that I made back in last January (as in 2014) and I just never got around to finishing up the post. Chris and I were planning on a vacation at the time and I knew I wanted to take my kindle along. I already had two different pouches. One that was envelope style that was really bulking and another that I had made a while ago that was book styled and I never loved how it looked or worked.

I did a little searching on the internet and found a pattern that I thought I would like a little better. I hoped it would be protective yet slim and flexible.

Kindle Cover 7

I used <this tutorial> to come up with the size and the basics of how to put it together.

I cut out one piece of a pink chevron cotton, one piece of black chevron flannel and one of quilt batting. All of which I already had on hand. I chose the flannel for the inside because I wanted it to be a little softer so it wouldn’t scratch the screen.

Kindle Cover 2

Just like in the <tutorial> I rounded the top edge for the flap using a diapering ink pen.

Kindle Cover 3

Before I assembled it all together I attached half of the velcro to the flannel since that’s what I used for the inside of the pouch.

Kindle Cover 4

Then I sewed all three layers together and left a small opening at the bottom to turn the fabric right side out.

Kindle Cover 5

Once it was turned right side out and ironed I top stitched the bottom to close the hole. Then I folded up the bottom to make the pouch and top stitched around the rest of the pouch.

Kindle Cover 6

Lastly I lined up where I needed the second half of the velcro and sewed that in place.

Kindle Cover 7

Kindle Cover 8

I ended up using the pouch for our trip and it worked out great. It was slim and protective and when I wanted to read I could just pull out my kindle and there was nothing else in the way. I just love projects that I can do with what I already have. Especially since lets be honest I already have way to much fabric.

Have you ever created your own case or pouch for a tablet or e-reader? What style is yours?

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