Baby Shower Gifts

Here’s another one of those posts I’ve been hanging onto for a long time. It’s not really a tutorial of anything but more just a memory of a few things that I made as baby shower gifts back well before Nolan was born.

The first set of gifts went to my cousin Kayla for her first baby who is now getting so close to 1 year old.

The main part of the gift was a car seat quilt and a car seat tent. I used the same basic measurements that I’ve used before. You can check out those posts here and here.

While I was making these gifts I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy myself and wasn’t feeling all too well. So instead of making an elaborate pattern I ended up finding what I thought was a really cute flannel that looked like it was a quilt pattern.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 3

The quilt was just flannel on one side and minky on the other with grosgrain ribbon ties.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 5 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 6 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 7

The tent was made out of the same flannel and a lighter pink minky for the back.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 10 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 11 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 12

With some of the left over fabrics I made a little taggie blanket.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 1 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 2 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 4

One of the last items was a matching burp rag. It’s got the same flannel pattern with a pink terry cloth backing.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 8 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 9

As I got even farther into my pregnancy I made a few things for my sister in law’s first baby. You can tell I wasn’t very motivated to blog at the time because all I ended up taking was a shot of everything together.

The little rag quilt is from the Simplicity Pattern 1822 which I’ve used before. I’ve also got another burp cloth like the one I made above and a little ribbon pacifier clip.

Heather's Baby Shower Gift 1

Keeping track of projects like thisΒ was one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. It didn’t feel like a really exciting post but I do enjoy being able to remember these types of projects.

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gifts

  1. As the recipient of this gift…..I have to say I love it. We use that carseat blanket every single day and think of you. Elizabeth currently loves to untie the ribbon and but it in her mouth. Shocking I KNOW. ❀

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