Nolan 6 to 8 Months

Nolans 6 Month Photo 1

Nolans 7 Month Photo 1

Nolans 8 Month Photo 1

I’ve been taking monthly photos of my son Nolan but I’ve gotten behind on putting together a monthly update post. I didn’t want to completely stop or skip them so I thought I would just try to start from where we are now and add in some of what’s happened since he turned 5 months old.

Nolans 6 Month Photo 2

Stats: The last Dr’s appointment we had was at 7 months. At that time he was 16 lbs and 6 oz. and I think he was 27″ long. So that put him at the 15% for weight and 67% for height. He’s just a tall skinny boy.

Nolans 6 Month Photo 3

Clothing Size: As of 8 months he’s still wearing mostly 6 month clothes.  Since it’s summer he’s mostly in onsies and shorts so the length isn’t really an issue. I’m not sure that he’d really fit into the 6 month sleepers anymore. He does have a few 9 month clothes and they fit fine as well.

Nolans 6 Month Photo 4

Sleep: We stopped using the swaddle around 5 and half months I think. It was pretty rough for a little over a week but it slowly got better. Now he just sleeps in some kind of sleep sack. At this point I’m not sure if he really “needs” the sleep sack to sleep but I don’t have a problem with it and I don’t see any reason to bother with something that’s working.

We got the ok from the Dr. to drop the morning feedings at 7 months and after that he started sleeping through the night with the exception of a dream feed that I did around 9:30. A couple of weeks ago I stopped doing the dream feed and now he’s sleeping completely the night. He usually goes down between 6:30-7:00 and wakes up anywhere from 6:00-7:30 in the morning.

Nolans 6 Month Photo 10

Eating: Just after 6 months we started adding solids. He’s currently eating solids 3 times a day which is usually a mix of baby puffs and some kind of baby puree. Other than that he’s still breastfeed but he’s cut back quite a bit. I usually offer to feed him about 6 times a day but he only breastfeeds 4-5 times a day.

Nolans 6 Month Photo 11

Schedule: His daytime schedule has been pretty steady for about 6 weeks now I think. The wake up time tends to vary but the hours between things is usually consistent. I’ll start with waking at 7:00 just for an example.

7:00 am: Wake/Breastfeed
8:00 am: Eat Solids
9:00 am: Offer to Breastfeed (usually doesn’t) / Down for Nap
11:00 am: Wake from Nap (2 hrs usually)/ Breastfeed
12:00 am: Eat Solids
1:30 pm: Breastfeed (sometimes)/ Down for Nap
3:30 pm: Wake from Nap (2 hrs usually) / Breastfeed
5:00 pm: Eat Solids
6:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Breastfeed / Down for Night (usually no later then 3 hrs after last nap)

Nolans 7 Month Photo 2

Milestones: He has been doing the army crawl for a few weeks now. He doesn’t seem to interested in crawling on his hands and knees right now. I think he figures he can get anywhere he wants to with the army crawl so why do anything else. Just in the past couple of days he’s been trying to pull himself up on things while he’s on his tummy. He still hasn’t figured out how sit up from laying down and he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of trying to really.

Nolans 7 Month Photo 3

Favorites: He’s still playing in the exersaucer and with most of the toys he has. Although I think he would prefer to just crawl around and explore all the time. That about the only thing that keeps him from screaming and squealing.

Nolans 7 Month Photo 4

Memories: Now that he’s crawling we’ve been shutting doors and using baby gates all over the place. He can move really quickly and loves to explore all over the place. The moment I set him down on the ground he stretches out onto his tummy and starts to crawl.

Nolans 7 Month Photo 5

Along with that he has started screaming and screeching at the top of his lungs which he loves to do whenever he’s in the high chair or exersaucer. He does occasionally babble but he isn’t really saying any words yet.

Nolans 8 Month Photo 2

Chris taught him how to blow bubbles with his mouth and he loves to do that. Especially when he’s eating which means we end up with baby food all over the both of us.

Nolans 8 Month Photo 3

In the past month it’s been warm and I bought Nolan a little swimming pool. He enjoys splashing around in it. He also enjoys pushing his body over the side and letting all the water out of the pool.

Nolans 8 Month Photo 6

Now that he’s crawling anytime he sees the cats (usually Marshall, Lily tries to avoid him) he crawls right over. Marshall loves to bump up against him and Nolan just loves to look at him and laugh. Nolan is surprisingly good at not pulling at Marshall or grabbing chunks of fur or his tail. I keep a close eye of him but so far Marshall is really patient and I think he’s just so starved for attention he takes whatever he can get.

Nolans 8 Month Photo 7 Nolans 8 Month Photo 8

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