Baby Boy’s Car Seat Tent & Quilt

Before Nolan was born I made a car seat tent and a car seat quilt. I’ve made them as gifts for other people before so of course I wanted to have my own. Since my son was born in November I thought they would both be useful.

For my own tent and quilt I used mostly fabrics that I had left over from different nursery projects.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 1

The tent was pretty simple. It’s just stripes of patterned fabric and white fabric with a white minky on the back. At the time I purchased the minky I would have rather had a grey on the back but the fabric store was all out. Even though it’s white it has only gotten dirty once and it washed up just fine.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 2

Since I had my car seat already I used it to figure out where I wanted to place the straps.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 3

Here it is all laid out.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 4

To finish off the tent I did two rows of top stitching and used velcro on the straps.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 5

If you want more info on how to make a car seat tent I’ve got another post you can check out <here>.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 6

For the quilt I wanted to do a little bit of a interesting pattern but being pregnant and working on other things I didn’t want it to be too complicated. I ended up cutting out a bunch of squares of fabric that matched the tent.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 7

Then I just assembled the squares into rows. I started every other row with a half size square so that the seams ended up a little offset.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 8

I finished it up with some basic binding and some ribbon ties for attaching to the car seat.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 9

I used a piece of warm and white batting in the middle and teal minky on the back so that it would be nice and warm.

Car Seat Tent & Quilt 10

We used the tent quite a bit when Nolan was a newborn, especially because it was cold and rainy out. After about 2 months though I don’t think we used it very much. Chris really liked it but I just found that it ended up being in my way more than it was useful. I was always having to push it out of the way when it was in the car or I was trying to carry the car seat somewhere.

As for the quilt it was great at first too but we stopped using it fairly quickly as well. Everyone talks about how cold babies are and how you have to dress them so warmly and I thought the quilt would be perfect. The funny thing is though we have a really warm baby. Every time I used this after the first couple of weeks we’d pull him out and he’d be so sweaty and I felt so bad. It almost didn’t matter how little we dressed him in he was still hot. As the weather got warmer this spring I just threw in a muslin swaddle blanket if I thought it was going to be a little cold. Of course he still rarely needed that.

So they were both nice to have, but they are things I could have done without. I know some people love to use both but they just seemed less than necessary for us. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up with another baby boy in the future and he’ll be chilly all the time and these will be great to have.

Anyone else have or used a car seat tent and quilt? Were they must have items for you?

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