Nolan’s 9 through 12 Month Update

Ok, so I’m a little behind. Nolan is getting close to 18 months and I just never got around to posting this update and his last monthly photos that I took. Better late than never I guess.  I’ve waited too long to write this post so I’ve forgotten many of the milestones that he reached along the way but I’ve added in a few things that I’ve remembered. Otherwise there’s tons of photos of Nolan between 9 and 12 months old.

Nolans 9 Month Photo

Nolans 10 Month Photo 1

Nolans 11 Month Photo

Nolans 12 Month Photo 1

12 Month Stats: At his 12 month appointment he was 18lb 9oz and 30″ tall.

Nolans 10 Month Photo 2

Nolans 10 Month Photo 3

Nolans 10 Month Photo 4

Nolans 10 Month Photo 5

Clothing Size: At 12 months old he was wearing mostly 12 month size clothes. Except for pants. 12 month were still a little too big around the waist even though the length was probably fine.

Nolans 10 Month Photo 6 Nolans 10 Month Photo 7 Nolans 10 Month Photo 8

12 Month Sleep: He was taking two pretty consistent naps a day. The first was about 2 hours after he woke up and it lasted about 2 hours. His second nap usually fell around 2.5 hours after waking up from his first nap and it usually lasted about 2 hours as well.

Nolans 10 Month Photo 10  Nolans 11 Month Photo 2 Nolans 11 Month Photo 1

9-12 Month Milestones: If I remember correctly Nolan started pulling up sometime between 9-10 Months. As of 12 months he was still just crawling around, pulling up on furniture but not yet walking around on his own. (He didn’t start walking until almost 15 months.)

Nolans 12 Month Photo 3 Nolans 12 Month Photo 2

1st Birthday Party: Nolan has two cousins (on Chris’ side of the family) that were born within 6 weeks of him. We decided to make it easy and had one party together to celebrate all three babies 1st Birthday’s.

Nolans 12 Month Photo 4

It was so much fun watching all the babies with their cupcakes.

Nolans 12 Month Photo 7

Each had their own way of doing it but they all had fun.

Nolans 12 Month Photo 6

Nolans 12 Month Photo 5



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