About Us

Welcome! I am Kaity and this is my husband Chris. We married just out of college in the fall of 2010. We both attended the same college and Chris earned his degree in Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering and I earned mine in Mechanical Engineering. Both Chris and I got engineering jobs which took us away for most of our family and close friends. Since getting married we’ve added a huge yellow lab, Ranger and two cats Lily and Marshall to our family. You’ll most likely see them showing up in photos from time to time.

In January of 2012 we purchased our first home, a brand new foreclosure with a small plot of land. I started this blog soon after that to show our friends and family what we were doing with the house. I’ve always liked the idea of blogging and I’d finally found something that I enjoyed blogging about.

Front Exterior 7-2014

Of course the biggest and most recent addition to our family is Nolan our baby boy who was born in November 2014.

Nolan 4 Months

With that change I have decided to make a career change instead. I have officially decided to stay at home with our baby boy. So, this once mechanical engineer is now a stay at home mom.

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