Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath

It’s officially feeling like fall in our neck of the woods. Actually I think it feels like we’re blowing right past fall and are staring winter in the face.

Back at the beginning of October I updated my yarn wreaths for fall. This year I wanted to do something a little different than what I had last year.

To start with I found a handful of colored card stock in various fall colors. The I cut out a stack of leaves with my silhouette portrait.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 1

I started working at the bottom center overlapping leaves and pinning them down.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 2

Then I continued working around the sides of the wreath with all the leaves still pointing up.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 3

I stopped once I was pretty close to the top leaving an empty space for the next part.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 4

Once I had my first wreath done I filled the second wreath with the remaining leaves.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 5

To fill in the gap on the top I made a bow out of burlap. I cut small strips of burlap for bow loops as well as tails. I started first with the tails of the bow. I pinched the burlap at the top and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 6

I did the same with the second tail. Then I folded the next piece of burlap in a loop, pinched the end and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 7

From there I made a loop opposite to the first one.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 8

Then I continued working in a cross pattern to make loops on the bow.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 9

Finally to fill in the bow I added two more loops in between the others.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 10

To finish off the bow I made a small loop and pinned that in the center to cover all the raw edges of the loops.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 11

After that was done all I did was replace the old grey ribbon with strip of burlap and hung them back up on the front door.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 12

It was a fairly simple project and I love the way they turned out.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 14

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 15

I know that it’s more work to reuse the same foam wreaths over and over but I enjoy changing them up and coming up with new ways to use the same base. It’s also nice not needing to store multiple wreaths.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 13

Anyone else put up some fall wreaths on your front door?

You can see my previous yarn wreaths here.

Pretty Front Porch: Wreath and Welcome Sign

It’s day 2 of my Pretty Front Porch Makeover week. Check out the process of painting the front door here.

After the door was painted I decided to fix up my yarn wreaths to something a little more fitting for summer. I kept it pretty simple and spent a few dollars on  some reversible card stock papers in bright colors.

Summer Yarn Wreath 1

I picked out three different 3D flowers from the silhouette site and cut them out in different sizes and various colors. If you want to download the shapes they are here, here and here.

Summer Yarn Wreath 2

I know the wreaths aren’t amazing or super creative but I like the bright colors and they were simple to make. I just stacked up the layers of paper and stuck a small pin through them and in to the wreath.

Summer Yarn Wreath 3

With the wreaths done I had one more little thing I wanted to do with the front door. I had seen all over Etsy that you can buy vinyl letters that say welcome to put on your front door. I thought that was such a cute idea and I wanted to do it for my door. I used my silhouette again and cut out letters using the font Impregnable I found online.

Summer Yarn Wreath 4

Then I used the transfer paper to line up were I wanted the sign.

Summer Yarn Wreath 5

Once I had the letters were I wanted them I smoothed them down and pulled off the transfer paper.

Summer Yarn Wreath 6

I think the welcome sign is such a cute addition to the front door and they should be easy to remove if I ever get tired of them.

Summer Yarn Wreath 7

With the sign and the wreath up the front looks a little more complete.

Summer Yarn Wreath 8

Anyone else add some vinyl lettering to their front door?

Pretty Front Porch: Painting the Front Door

*We’ve done a number of fixes to our front walk and porch so I’ve decided to take a week to talk about them all. Check back each day this week for all the changes we made. 

It’s amazing how much other bloggers influence the project I feel inspired to complete. Even though I’ve wanted to paint my front door pretty much since we moved in I know that the recent door paintings of Young House Love, Bower Power Blog and I Heart Organizing played a part in my choice to jump on the train now.

Here’s a shot of our front door from this spring. Not horrible but it’s definitely a plain boring white door and the yellowish trim around the windows wasn’t really helping at all.

Painting Front Door 1

When Jen at I Heart Organizing prepped her fiberglass door she used deglosser to rough up the surface. After doing that she realized deglosser isn’t meant for fiberglass doors. Now I didn’t think my door was fiberglass but I assumed the same would be true for what I think is a vinyl door. Armed with that information I did a little online research and came up with how I thought I should prep the door.

On Saturday night I grabbed a bucket with water and soap and scrubbed the door down as best as I could. Then I used a steel wool pad in “000” grit to try and get whatever was left off as well as potentially rough up the surface a little. The last prepping step I did was to rub on some mineral spirits to get the last of the grit off the door.

Painting Front Door 2

After the cleanup the door actually looked a little better than before. I chose to prep it the night before so that it would be ready and dry first thing in the morning.

Painting Front Door 3

The next morning I headed out to start the painting! Since I don’t enjoy cutting in or scrapping paint off of windows I taped around the windows as well as around the seals and weather stripping on the door. Chris also pulled off the hardware so I didn’t have to paint around that.

Painting Front Door 4

To paint with I bought a quart of Martha Stewart’s Azurite in Glidden Exterior since that’s the paint that Martha Stewart colors are meant to be mixed in. As far as I can tell it’s actually a darker version of the Darkening Sky that we used in our kitchen.

Painting Front Door 5

During my limited searching online I didn’t see anyone else that primed their door first so I decided to just jump right in. The first coat went on pretty blotchy which surprised Chris, although I had kind of expected that. Since Chris was worried about the paint he started googling how to paint a vinyl door. Everything he was finding said you needed to sand and prime or the paint would flake off. By the time I finished the first door I was starting to freak out. I thought that I had made a huge mistake, that it would look horrible and it would be a ton of work to fix.

Painting Front Door 6

See the great thing about the internet is that there’s a ton of information out there about almost anything. The bad thing is that you don’t always get that personal experience or knowledge from someone who has done things the way you are.

So I called someone I knew would have experience and know what to do; my mom. She assured me that it should be fine and that she had painted doors in the past without primer and they were fine. She also thought that since our door is really sheltered it shouldn’t make a difference anyway. So, that being said if you’re painting a vinyl door that gets a lot of weather you might consider lightly sanding and priming just to avoid the potential stress.

After talking to my mom I  calmed down and painted the second door.

Painting Front Door 7

As we had hoped the second coat went on a lot more opaque. It wasn’t perfect but it did look a lot better than the first.

Painting Front Door 8

I was only able to get in three coats in one day since I had to wait 4 hours in between coats. Chris put the hardware back on and we closed the door. The next afternoon I came back with just a small craft paint brush and touched up a few lighter spots. It was just enough to finish it out.

Painting Front Door 9

After a little stress I think the door turned out great. It’s nice to finally have a little pop of color on our beige and white house. I think it’s the perfect color to go with our house. It’s not so bright that it sticks out like crazy but bright enough to not be boring.

Painting Front Door 11

Even with the freak out painting the front door was really worth it and I’m so glad I finally got on it.

Anyone else attempted to paint there front door and had a momentary freak out?

Telephone Table Update

A few years ago while my mom and I were at the garage sale of a family friend we came across this:

It looked a little worn and the leg brackets were partially rusting but we loved the look of it.  Not only was it a unique piece it also happened to be made by this family friend many years ago while he was in high school. So, we paid a few dollars for it and took it home.

After having this table sit around for a few years in my parents garage I finally took it home and gathered my supplies to fix it up. I decided to spray paint it a grey to update it and in hopes that it would go well with our couches and bring the the room together.

While at the home improvement store one day I grabbed a couple cans of white primer and new table leg brackets to replace the ones on the table so the legs could angle out. I also bought some felt feet to nail on the bottom of the legs so that I can place the table on the wood floor

The first thing I did was sand the table down lightly to smooth out some of the imperfections and rough up the finish. I was able to use the palm sander for most of it, but i had to break out the sheets of sandpaper to sand the legs and the spindles. At this point I considered filling in some of the cracks and splits with wood putty but in the end decided not to because I like the character of the blemishes. I initially used a pretty rough sandpaper and it worked to rough it up but but now that’s it’s complete I see that I should have come back with a finer sandpaper at least on the flat surfaces. Oh well, you live and you learn.

After wiping down the whole thing with a wet cloth I coated it with the first can of white primer. I was surprised how well the first can covered. Most people who use spray paint suggest to use multiple light coats to get the best finish. I really try to do this I do, but the never ceasing wind and my impatience always win. I never fail to get at least one drip of paint from over spraying. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get better eventually.

Once I applied the second can of primer the table was covered pretty well and none of the stain was showing through. Next all I had to do was do a couple of coats of the grey paint. You may have noticed that The can says that it’s a matte finish. At first I was worried that I would want it to be more glossy, but that’s the only finish the hardware store had of this color of grey. In the end it actually has a bit of sheen so I’m pretty happy with the finish. Here it is all finished and sitting in our entry.

To finish off the table I added a few decorations and made a cushion using a thin green foam I had on hand and covered it with a pretty fabric that’s beige and dark blue.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It went from outdated to updated just with a couple of cans of paint, some new leg brackets, a cushion and some felt feet. It was a pretty inexpensive change that I think makes a fairly big impact on the space.

Just before I decided to put this post together I found a few new items at a local craft store to decorate the top of the table.

Now it feels like it is really finished.

Have you brought out the cans of paint to fix up something old?

Just Hangin’ in the Entry

Not long after we moved in our entry looked like this:

Not much going on here. Just a couple of photos that finally got put up after weeks of sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. The corner seat and coat rack got placed there the day we moved in since it’s actually one of the few 90 degree corners on the main level.

I’ve been wanting to fill this empty space with something more inviting for a while. At first I considered putting some kind of console table on the long wall but searching pintrest I found a few other ideas. I finally decided to go with some floating shelves above the board and batten. So on one of our many trips to Ikea we picked up a couple of Lack floating shelves.

After staring at the directions for a while we finally figured out how to hang the shelves (each size was mounted a different way). Here’s what they looked like soon after we put them up and I threw a few things on them.

A little bland if I do say so myself.

After walking by the shelves multiple times the next day I decided that I didn’t love what I had put on them so i started shopping the house again. After moving things around a bunch here is what they ended up looking like.

The shelves don’t look so bland now that things are moved around a little and I added some color. I don’t plan on them looking this way forever. I’m sure I’ll find other things to put on them and maybe even switch out some photos.

I really think the shelves helped to make the entry look more finished and inviting.

Anyone else use a shelf like a console table or hang some floating shelves lately? Have you had a hard time trying to figure out some Ikea directions too?