Nativity Canvas Art

Last winter I wanted to switch out my canvases in our family room to something more season appropriate but I just never got around to it. Here is a reminder of what the set has looked like:

Clean Bench

A couple of months ago I got it in my head that I wanted to do it this year so I grabbed 2 8×10 canvases and 2 11×14 canvases. I decided that I wanted to do something that was centered around the nativity.

I pulled out a sample pot of Martha Stewart’s Azurite (MSL 167) to use as a background. It’s actually the same color I used on the front door and it is a little darker than the kitchen so I thought it would blend well with my decor.

Nativity Canvas 1

Next I found some shapes that I liked on the Silhouette Online Store and used scrap paper to test the sizes and placement for all the  shapes.

Nativity Canvas 2

It took a lot of tries but I finally figured out how I wanted everything and got the fonts to look the way I wanted them on the quote. By the way the quote is from a song by Jars of Clay called “Love Came Down at Christmas”.

Nativity Canvas 3

After I finally figured out how large I wanted the shapes I had to decided what papers to cut everything from.

Nativity Canvas 4

Once everything was cut I was ready to figure out how to attach it all to the canvases. I honestly got a little frustrated when trying to adhere the papers to the canvas and I think I lost motivation to take any photos. Basically I ended up having to use a glue stick to glue the shapes down and then I covered it all with mod podge to seal it. Since the mod podge is so wet it ended up bubbling some of the papers especially on some of the larger pieces. It’s hard to tell in the photos but in person it’s a little more noticeable.

Nativity Canvas 5

I do like how it turned out in the end it just didn’t go as smoothly as I had originally hoped. It is really nice though to have something more fitting for the Christmas season.

Nativity Canvas 6

I guess it’s just another case of my ideas being more grand than what I am able to accomplish. Has anyone else made a project lately and had high expectations than you weren’t able to achieve?

Custom Painted Art

Months back when my mom visited our house we talked about some of the tall empty walls in our house. For some reason I didn’t remember this but my mom and I decided that we needed some large painted art. Fast forward to now and boy did my mom deliver.

She went through a bunch of photos that my dad and I took of a local park with multiple waterfalls many years ago. Then she picked three different photos and painted them onto 24″ x 48″ canvas’.

Canvas Paintings 1

I know I’m probably bias but I think they turned out amazing!

Canvas Paintings 2

I also can’t help but love that these because they are all from photos I took which makes them even more special.

Canvas Paintings 3

My mom painted these specifically to go in our family room on the wall above the tv. We originally considered staggering the photos but ended up deciding to just center them on the wall in a straight line.

Canvas Paintings 4

Chris did most all of the heavy lifting. He used a level and installed two nails in the wall per canvas.

Canvas Paintings 5

At first he hammered in all the nails, hung and leveled all the pictures in the order shown below.

Canvas Paintings 6

After looking at them for a few minutes i thought that I wanted them in a different order. This is when we realized that not all canvas’ are made equal. Apparently when we leveled the nails to the certain canvas’ it didn’t work so well with switching the paintings order.

Canvas Paintings 7

Before we started messing around with the nails we decided to switch the order yet again. This order seemed to work just fine on the nails we already had and we did like this order best. Optical illusions can be so tricky when hanging things on walls.

Canvas Paintings 8

Now the wall finally doesn’t look so blank anymore.

Canvas Paintings 9

See that nicely filled wall from above.

Canvas Paintings 10

But seriously aren’t these amazing?

In the Mood for a Mood Board

*I’ve updated the House Tour Progress Page. Quick go check it out! Well after you read the post of course. 

Lately I feel like I have been working on projects non-stop. If it hasn’t been something outside it’s been a sewing or decor project or even some knitting. Since there has been all this time rushing to get so much done I feel a little melancholy about the progress inside the house. Oh I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and half the fun of creating a home is all the little changes along the way, but there is something to be said about feeling like you’re finished with something. Checking something big off the list instead of lots of little things.
That being said I think that part of my problem is that I’m in the middle of all these small things and I don’t have a very clear view of the finish line. So, I thought that maybe I’d come up with a mood board to get a view of this picture.

I decided to start with the family room since this is a room that I haven’t really touched.

So here it goes:

1. Ikea Karlstad Sectional Sofa
2. Media Console from Handmade Home made by The Friendly Home.
3. Ottoman.
4. End Table from Ana White.
5. Rug from Overstock.
6. Rustic X Console Table from Ana White.

Well there is it. My first attempt of a quickly done mood board. The colors aren’t quite right but the styles are more what I’m going for. Anyway, it’s fun to think about the direction I want to go with a room. It will also be interesting to see how the actual room will one day look in comparison.

Anyone else creating a mood board or planning out the future of a room in your home?

Quick Bench Update

I bought the Molger bench at Ikea a few years ago to use as a coffee table to go with my tiny couch. After I bought a real couch and got married it ended up living at the foot of our new bed so we could pile stuff on it. It got thrown here again when we moved into the new house.

Our bedroom furniture is all from Ikea (of course) and happens to be all black and white. I never really liked the mix of colors and wood in our room and I kept talked about painting it white to match our nightstands.

Well it never got that far. I was looking for something to go near our garage entry to catch things on the way in the door and this bench was the right size. After painting and hanging the canvases above were I wanted to place the bench I decided to go with blue to match.

After giving the bench a light sanding and wiping it with a wet cloth, I used a basic white Rust-Oleum primer to base coat it. Then once that was dry I gave it a few coats of a true blue color.

It turned out to be a great landing spot for bags, purses and other things we want to remember to grab on the way out the door in the morning. Unfortunately, it more frequently looks like this than I would care to admit:

It looks a little more like this once I prettied it up a bit up to take a photo. I tossed some magazines on the bottom to display and get them off the floor.

I think I ended using one can of blue paint and could have used more as there were still a few splotchy areas. Although the spots aren’t very noticeable from a distance and they don’t bother me at all.

I just love the bright color splash on this wall now!

Have you taken spray paint to something to give it a new look? Is anyone else in love with the new HGTV mag like me?

Jumping on the Canvas Bandwagon

It seems like painting canvases is all over Pinterest. I find a new canvas inspiration at least once a week that I love. So, after finding some inexpensive canvases at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s I started working on a few fun ways to use them.

The first set I wanted to do was two 8×10’s and two 11×14’s. After painting the base an off white for a crisp uniform color, I taped off and painted a chevron pattern on two and stripes on the others. I used just the basic acrylic paints that can be found in most craft stores. Then I printed out letters on computer paper and cut them out with an exacto knife to use as stencils to create the lettering.

For all you lovers of either Switchfoot or The Chronicles of Narnia you might recognize the quote. If not check it out on youtube! (This Is Home)

I really enjoy the fun pop of color that now fills a once empty wall in our family room.  They were simple and quick to make. I think it took me a lot longer to figure out what I wanted to do then to actually paint them.

Now I have one more thing hung up on the wall! Little by little I’m filling all the empty walls we had when we moved in.

Have you been jumping on the canvas “painting” bandwagon lately?