Guest Bathroom Round Up

After I finished up the canvas art I really didn’t have much left to do on the guest bathroom. All it needed was some cleaning up and  putting things away. Of course this took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish. Finally the weekend before Thanksgiving I finished up just in time for our guests to arrive.

So here’s how it all turned out:

The first part of the process was painting the room.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 1

I finally upgraded from the old towels I’ve had since college and bought a few new ones that matched the grey and teal color scheme.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 2

I love the way the shower curtain turned out and the cute birdy art is great as well.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 3

I also picked up a few full size towels to match the hand towels.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 4

Since I thought it would be nice to have a few more places to hang towels, especially when we have guests, we hung a few hooks on the wall behind the door in the sink area.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 5

Other than that there isn’t much to it. I did clean out some used candle holders to use for cotton products and even found some cute wire baskets for extra hand towels and wash cloths.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 6

It doesn’t yet feel completely finished but it is back to being clean and usable after it’s been quite messy since I started painting months ago.

Painting Birds on Some Wires

Lets head back to our guest bathroom. Had you forgotten I’ve been working on it? I wouldn’t be offended if you have. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it or even worked on it for that matter.

After I finished the shower curtain I wanted to make some art for the bathroom. The shower area doesn’t have a lot of wall space but I still thought it would be nice to have at least a little decor on them.

Since I’ve appearantly been into canvas’ lately I bought four square canvases in two sizes to make a little mini canvas wall. I already had a lot of test pots that matched the guest bathroom paint colors I started out by painting a base color of sunken pool (MSL 126).

Birds on a Wire Canvas 1

After that dried I taped of some thin lines slanted in various directions. For these I used Love in a Mist (MSL 142), Lagoon (MSL 125), Magnetite (MSL 278) and Driftwood Grey (MSL 265). The last three colors I didn’t use in the bathroom but I already had them and they matched the color palette I was going for.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 2

It took a couple of coats but once those were dry I pulled off the tape. I wanted to paint birds on the “wires” so I cut out some bird shapes using my Silhouette Portrait.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 3

I used a regular card stock to make the stencils. My first thought was that I would just use them like a regular stencil and paint inside them. This didn’t work well since the paper stuck to the canvas and the paint bled underneath. You can see the bird on the left hand side where I tried to rub off the paint before it dried. Obviously that didn’t work to well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 4

Instead I ended up using the cut outs to draw an outline in pencil. Then I used a small paint brush to fill in the bird shapes. It was more time consuming but the shapes turned out really well this way.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 5

After about two coats of paint on each bird they turned out like this.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 6

To hang them I just pounded small wire nails in the wall.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 7

I love how the colors go well with the rest of the bathroom so far.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 8

I think the birds are simple, cute and go well with the shower curtain as well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 9

These ended up being a simple little art project that I think looks great in the bathroom.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 10

Has anyone else become obsessed with canvases lately like I have?

From Window Curtain to Shower Curtain

It’s been four days since we’ve been to a hardware store or had to pick up anything for the deck and I have to admit it’s been kind of nice. Although the wind and rain that’s stopping us for finally finishing this deck isn’t quite as nice nice. 

So while we are taking a little break I thought I would share some small progress I’ve made in the guest bathroom.

Remember back here where I came up with a mood board for the guest bathroom? Well you may already know that I painted and used both of the colors I have shown below.

Guest Bathroom Mood Board

The next thing on my list was to update the shower curtain to something like the one shown above from Ikea. It’s actually a window curtain but I like the pattern and colors so I decided to convert it into a shower curtain. The Eivor curtains actually come in a set of two. Each curtain is 56 inches wide which isn’t quite wide enough for a shower.

The first thing I did was rip out the tab top from the left side of one curtain and the right side of the other. That way I could open the top of both curtains and sew them together. Since I’m a little lazy and they already had a finished edge I just pinned the two curtains right side together and sewed down the length of the curtains close to the seams.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 1

After I had the two curtains sewn together I folded over the top of the curtain again and even sewed one of the tabs back into the center of the two curtains. Honestly, in the end I could have down without reattaching the tab. At the time I thought I might try to actually just hang the curtain over the shower rod using the tab tops. This didn’t look very nice and didn’t move very easily especially with a plastic curtain liner hanging behind it so I decided to do something else.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 2

Instead, with everything back together and pressed nicely I put twelve pins evenly spaced along the top of the curatin to sew button holes for a curtain hook to go through. After I figured out what size to make the button holes it actually went pretty fast. Especially with the button hole machine that I have for my Singer Slant needle sewing machine.  All I had to do is set it up and press down the presser foot until the machine sewed along the button hole twice and I get a really nice looking button hole.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 3

With the curtain ready to hang I installed a new shower curtain rod to hang it from. I purchased a new curved tension curtain rod from Target. I’m hoping that the curved rod will not only give a little more room in the shower but also let in a little more light as well.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 4

Since it is a tension rod it was pretty easy to install and I was even able to do it by myself. It didn’t require any hardware installed in the wall. All I had to do was stretch it out against the walls and then screw down the two set screws. Once those were tightened I just twisted the end of the rod nearest the set screws and it tightened the rod against the wall even further. It was pretty easy and seemed pretty fool proof.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 5

Now that I had the rod installed I hung up the shower curtain with the hooks I bought to go with the rod. Most shower curtains are around 70 inches wide and with the two curtains sewed together mine was closer to 110 inches. Since my curtain is extra wide it sagged awkwardly at the top with only the twelve hooks spaced out. I figured that a second set of curtain rings would probably be enough to fix the sagging. I took down the shower curtain and actually added eleven more buttonholes; one in between each of the ones I already had.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 6

After I finally got the top of the curtain all figured out I went ahead and marked where I wanted the hem of the curtain to fall. I know from experience, even with purchased curtains, that they aren’t always straight especially in context of the curtain rod and flooring you have. I find that if you want a straight looking hem it’s best to just mark along the width of the curtain while it’s hanging in place.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 7

Once I took the curtain down again I marked about 2 1/2″ below the line I pinned to allow me to turn the hem a couple times before sewing it down. Then I cut off the excess curtain length.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 8

After that all I had to do was turn it up twice, sew it close to the top of the hem and iron it well.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 9

It was amazing how much better the curtain looked just by adding the extra rings and hemming it to the right length. It’s actually started to look like it belongs as a shower curtain.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 10

At this point I still hadn’t purchased a second set of curtain rings. I was actually just using another similar set that we already had. It was while I was messing with the curtain here that I realized that the curtain hooks I purchased didn’t really work with the curtain rod very well. There is something about the curved shape of the hooks that makes it so they actually get caught around the set screws and it’s very hard to open the curtain all the way.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 11

Instead I returned the new set of hooks I purchased and replaced them with two sets of simple round rings.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 12

I have to admit that even after I replaced the rings I felt like the curtain still wasn’t hanging right. Of course since this is a fabric curtain I had to add a plastic liner to make it waterproof. Once I did that it was amazing how it actually made the curtain look a lot better. Since the plastic liner is only hooked on every other ring it actually helps to gather the curtain and it lays more evenly now.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 13

It took me much longer than it should have to finish but I’m happy to finally have the curtain figured out and hung up. I love the fabric and the extra fullness it has since it is quite a bit wider than a standard shower curtain.

Has anyone else turned window curtains into a  shower curtain?

Painting the Guest Bathroom

While we are working hard on the deck trying to get the next step completed I thought I would finally share another project I’ve been working on little by little.

Every time I think about painting walls I just can’t help but think of this clip:

Now that I have that out of the way.  I’ve painted yet another room and this might even be my last (at least for a while).

More than a month ago now while Chris was outside working in the yard I was upstairs sweating like crazy painting our guest bathroom.

As usual I taped and covered what I could with protective plastic.

Painting Guest Bathroom 1

I got all my tools out and got ready to paint starting with the shower half of the room.

Painting Guest Bathroom 2

The last time I got paint (during a sale) I bought a gallon of Love in a Mist (MSL142) color matched with a satin Acro Pure paint. I originally bought it thinking I might paint the ceiling of the laundry room with it and I could use the leftovers in the guest bathroom. While painting the laundry room I decided to paint it all Sunken Pool (MSL126) instead. That left me with a full gallon of love in a mist to use in the guest bath.

Painting Guest Bathroom 3

I did a full two coats of paint on the walls and the ceiling of the shower area.

Painting Guest Bathroom 4

One of the reasons I wanted to paint this room Love in a Mist was to brighten it up. When I used this shower a while ago I noticed how dark it was and I wanted to lighten it as much as I could.

It’s amazing how blue the paint looks in these photos. It’s a lot more white in person and in other areas of the house as well. (You can see another view of this paint in the guest bedroom closet.)

Painting Guest Bathroom 5

To tie both the sink area and the shower area together I painted the ceiling of the sink area Love in the Mist as well. I was able to finish all this painting pretty much in one day.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the paint I wanted for the walls in the sink area so I had to wait for the next weekend to finish that.

Painting Guest Bathroom 6

The next weekend I came back with a gallon of Sunken Pool (MSL126) also in the satin sheen.

Painting Guest Bathroom 7

I painted two full coats to get the coverage on the walls I was looking for.

Painting Guest Bathroom 8

Since the room is so small it was pretty fast to paint. I ended up standing on the counter to paint around the mirror and let me tell you those lights get really hot. Not a great combination on a warm day on a second story.

Painting Guest Bathroom 9

I love the way the two colors look together and how much they brighten up the small space.

Painting Guest Bathroom 10

Both areas looked a lot better once I pulled all the tape off the walls and tossed the plastic.

Painting Guest Bathroom 11

Painting Guest Bathroom 12

I also like the way the hardware contrasts the walls now.

Painting Guest Bathroom 13

I think the ceiling and the walls are a nice contrast as well.

Painting Guest Bathroom 14

As you can tell from other rooms in our house I really like these colors. I’m hoping when I’m done this can be a room that isn’t too juvenile or mature feeling either.

Painting Guest Bathroom 15

I’m glad I was able to find the time to paint this room. Since then I haven’t really done much else. I’m still working on a few other updates now that the painting is done so stay tuned for that. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll be able to at least put this room back together so that it ca a least be usable for guests.

Have you painted a bathroom or small room to make it seem lighter as well?

Teal and Grey Guest Bath Inspiration

One of the rooms I haven’t really worked on yet is our guest bathroom. So far all that’s in there the rugs, curtain and towels that we already had.

Lately I have been thinking about what I want to do with this room.

Summer Bucket List 3

I have decided that I wanted to paint the bathroom both Sunken Pool (MSL126) and Love in a Mist (MSL142). After choosing those colors I wasn’t sure that what I already had in this room would really work well.

After thinking about it for a while I decided that I think white and grey accents would be perfect to go with not only the walls but also to tie in with the grey in the guest bedroom next door.

Once I had the color scheme in mind  I started searching for a few things that I thought would be nice to finish out this room.

Guest Bathroom Mood Board

Right now we have a dark brown shower curtain and it’s amazing how dark it makes inside the shower. I’d like to swap that out for these cute patterned curtain and use a curved curtain rod. To finish off the shower area I’d like to add the dark grey rug for in front of the shower.

Sticking with the grey I’d like to get some  new grey towels. For in front of the sinks I like the idea of having fluffy white rugs.

In this bathroom there’s really only one place to hang towels. I’d like to add a few more hooks in the oil rubbed bronze to match the rest of the hardware in the bathroom.

Overall it’s a pretty simple mood board but I think it would be nice to finish off this room and make it feel like it’s less of a hodge podge.

Anyone else created a cohesive guest bathroom or are you still using left over towels that you’ve had for a while?