DIY Canvas Photos: Master Bathroom Edition

Many months back I attempted to create my very first diy canvas photo from a standard canvas and a regular photo. Lately I’ve been thinking about some rooms in our house that could use a little decor love. I thought some custom photo canvases might work perfectly.

The first room I decided to make some canvases for was our master bathroom. When they were on sale I picked up four 8×8 canvases from a local craft store. I can’t remember exactly what I paid but I know I spent less than twenty dollars on all four.

To make the photo canvases I started by painting the edges of the canvases. Since the photo won’t cover the edge I think it looks nicer to paint them instead of leaving them white. The last time I made a canvas photo I painted the edges black since I knew it would look good with the photo. This time around I planned on hanging the pictures against the lighter green paint in our bathroom and I thought black would be a really harsh against it. So, instead I pulled out some left over wall paint that I used in the bathroom.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 1

Even though I had four 8×8 photos printed they where a little larger than the face of the canvases. To keep the photos from hanging over the edges of the canvas I trimmed a small amount off of all four sides.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 2

Then I covered the top of the canvas with a layer of matte mod podge.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 3

Before the mod podge dried I carefully centered the picture on top and then covered the top of the picture and the sides of the canvas with more mod podge. It was really that simple. They didn’t turn out perfectly but they are definitely less expensive than a canvas wrapped photo and they do look pretty nice.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 4

After they were fully dried all I had to do was hammer some nails on the walls and hang them up.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 5

The photos I chose are all from our honeymoon in Mexico. I love that I finally found a place to hang a couple of these up.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 6

I know that our bathroom isn’t really “tropical” themed but I think that the colors in the photos look great with the paint colors.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 7

Now if I could just figure out how to take a better photo of this room. The pictures make the green walls look really crazy almost lime green. In the post about painting the bathroom the paint looks a lot more sage green and true to life.

Has anyone else made some diy canvas photos?

Hold Onto Your Hats Ladies and Gents; We’re Painting Again.

A few weeks ago we painted the master bedroom. The master bathroom seemed like the next progression and one that Chris was anxious to finally get painted. With the vaulted ceilings and so many things to paint around I was a little worried it would take more than two days. So during the long weekend, since it was raining anyway, we decide to paint the bathroom.

The usual chaos commenced as we removed hardware, curtains and taped everything off. I was afraid that it would take forever to do but we were able to pretty much get the room prepped on Friday night.

Painting the Master Bathroom 2

Back when we picked up the paint for the bedroom we also bought two different shades of green for the bathroom. The first color up was Vapor (0407) in a satin sheen from Miller Paint. I know what you’re thinking: Not a Martha Stewart color? Well I’m sad to say that Martha failed me this time. There just wasn’t a good sage green paint color, everything was too bright and minty. A while back I picked up some green swatches at Miller and I was lucky to find one that matched our towels and mats really well.

Painting the Master Bathroom 1

We painted the majority of the walls and all of the ceiling the Vapor colored paint.

Painting the Master Bathroom 5

In the time that it took for me to paint the walls and ceiling in the water closet Chris had most of the rest of the room painted.

Painting the Master Bathroom 6

A few of the walls were left unpainted so they could be painted with the second color after the first dried.

Painting the Master Bathroom 7

It took us most of Saturday to paint just this first coat of the lighter green. We were pretty tired by the time we finished and we decided that we would be done for the day.

Painting the Master Bathroom 8

You may have noticed that there were a few swatches on the unpainted wall. They were actually two colors from the Martha Stewart line. It’s a little hard to tell but in real life the lighter green is really bright and minty. I think that if I had used so much of that lighter green I would have really regretted it.

Painting the Master Bathroom 9

Since we waited for the paint to all dry we got pretty lucky and we were able to see that we didn’t need to touch up much of the paint. After touching up a few spots we moved on to the second color of paint.

Painting the Master Bathroom 11

The second color we used was Green Cast (0409) in the satin sheen also from Miller Paint. Both of these colors were in the same swatch and they are only one color apart.Since there wasn’t as much to paint with the darker color it went pretty fast.

Painting the Master Bathroom 3

Just like with the guest room it’s amazing what the light does to the colors. In the picture below the ceiling looks so much lighter than the walls. When in fact it’s the same color as the wall with the door and the other two walls are the darker shade.

Painting the Master Bathroom 10

Just like the guest room it also ended up being a more subtle contrast in colors.

Painting the Master Bathroom 13

I think it’s a little easier to see the contrast with the colors side by side in the cans.

Painting the Master Bathroom 4

I basically chose to use the darker color only on the walls surrounding the tub and the sink areas.

Painting the Master Bathroom 12

You can see here how the wall blends with the towels but is a little darker.

Painting the Master Bathroom 14

It’s nice to finally have the walls clean and an actual color in the bathroom. I think the darker walls really make the roman shades pop so much more than with the beige.

Painting the Master Bathroom 16

We even painted the inside of the linen closet to match the lighter color of the walls.

Painting the Master Bathroom 17

We bought three gallons of paint to do the whole bathroom and we ended up with more than a have gallon left of both the light and dark green. Unfortunately because we used two different colors we couldn’t have really gotten away with less paint. I guess we’ve got some left over for something else!

Painting the Master Bathroom 18

Although it didn’t really take that much more time than our other painting projects I think this was really our most challenging room to paint yet.

Linens, the Loo and Organizing Oh My!

If you’ve been following iheartorganizing you know that last months organizing challenge was for the bathroom and linen closets. I have actually been working on go through and organizing our bathroom and linen closet a few times over the last year so I don’t have a huge overhaul. Although I thought I would take this chance to pick things up a bit and share my system. So far the system must be going ok since it didn’t take long to clean.

A few months or weeks back I did a little bit bigger clean out. I pulled everything out of drawers and boxes. Then I sorted and most importantly got rid of things I didn’t need and no longer used.

Bathroom Organization 1

Now onto the organization.

In general I’m not hugely fond of having a lot of clutter on the counter. I recently moved a large jewelry tree to the closet because I was tired of how much space it was taking up. Now I just try to keep some of the most used items, my makeup brushes, mirror and favorite perfume on the counter.

Bathroom Organization 2

Although we have a large vanity it still doesn’t have a lot of storage. I wish that  it had more drawers but it only has the three in the center of the vanity. As per usual I have the most space and Chris just gets a section of one of the drawers.

Both the top and middle drawer have antonius organizers from ikea. They aren’t perfect but they fit pretty well and help to coral things a little bit.

Bathroom Organization 4

The second drawer holds all of my most used items, makeup, cleansers, lotions and contact stuff.

Bathroom Organization 7

The last drawer is probably the least organized but it just holds my hair products and tools.

Bathroom Organization 6

We are also lucky enough to have a linen closet in our master bath. Here’s how we keep things together in there. I’ve tried to group like items  in containers to coral them all together.

Bathroom Organization 3

Well it way not have been a fantastic overhaul but it was a good excuse to clean things up a bit in the bathroom and linen closet.

Anyone else take on this months iheartorganizing challenge?

Adventures with Roman Shades (Round 1)

*Check back next week, I am working on finishing a full tutorial of how I made my shades.  Update: Check out the tutorial Part 1 and Part 2

After completing the curtains in the master bedroom the next room on the window covering agenda was the master bath.

I considered a number of options from cafe style curtains to just a simple curtain on a rod. Both options seemed inexpensive, quick and easy to change if I wanted to. I quickly ruled out both options because I didn’t think they would be easy enough to open and close and weren’t really a look that I wanted. Since I was having a hard time trying to come up with a solution to make I looked for a better option that we could purchase. After dragging Chris around to a number of stores we never really found an option that we liked and wasn’t more than we wanted to spend.

I’m not sure how I got the idea to sew roman shades, but after doing a lot of research online and even buying some patterns I found this great website that explains all the ins and outs of making a professional looking roman shade (Terrell Desgins).

It’s not to hard to see from this site that these shades are not the cheapest window covering option or the easiest way to make a roman shade. Having said that, after looking into those other options this method seemed like it would produce the best looking, well finished shade and I’m glad I went with it. It was worth all the hard work.

Engineering A Home: Roman Shades

To begin with I looked for fabric that I could buy by the yard but I had a hard time finding somthing that was light enough but would still match the things we already had. The main fabric for the first curtain was actually a shower curtain that we originally purchased and used after we got married. I was lucky enough to find a another shower curtain to match that I could make the second shade from.

Here’s the curtains pulled all the way up:

Engineering A Home: Roman Bath Shades

I think they turned out great, I’m happy with the fabric choice and the functionality of the shades. We pretty much open and close them everyday and so far they are holding up well.

Here they are from the outside when down:

Engineering A Home Bathroom Roman Shades

Here what they look like from outside when the shades are pulled all the way up. It’s a little hard to see with the reflection off the window but they do hide nicely when fully pulled up.

One thing about these windows that made construction difficult was that the opening are more than 4 feet wide.  We were actually unable to find a 1/4″ wooden dowel to use as a batten that was longer than 4 feet. So after trying to glue the ends together (which didn’t work) I ended up taping them with some masking tape. Since I decided to create slots for the dowels to slide in (*check out the tutorial for more info on this) once they were in the slots and assembled they seem to pull up well. So far we haven’t had any issues with the dowels bending.

Once we hung the shades and pulled them up and down a few times we noticed that pulling on the cord would cause the fabric to bunch up in the corner where the cord meets the mounting board. After living with them for a while and actually installing our second set Chris came up with a great solution.

He suggested we buy the smallest screw hook we could find and screw it into the wall on the edge of the window frame closest to where the strings start to pull.

Now the shades pull up really well and they don’t bunch at the side.

I liked how these turned out so well (and conveniently forgot how much work they were) that I decided to make a second set for our guest room. This time around I snapped a few pictures of the process and I plan to come back next week with a tutorial and some tips on how I made my shades.

Anyone else making custom shades to get a look that you wanted?