Woodland Animals Nursery Mood Board

I have been collecting fabrics and furniture for the nursery and I finally think I’ve got a more complete picture of what I’d like to do. I gathered some snapshots of what I’ve got so far so here it is.

Nursery Mood Board 1

Most of these things I already have or is something I’m working on fixing up. The room is already painted and I picked up all the fabrics shown a little while ago. I wasn’t planning on going with a real “theme” in the nursery but once I found the fabrics it sort of happened.

(1) The walls are already painted Zinc and the ceiling is Sunken Pool. More info on that here. I’m thinking about adding some of the lighter flagstone grey in when we repaint some dressers.

(2) I have already purchased this Sundvik crib from Ikea.

(3) Also from ikea I picked up the black brown Poang chair frame. I didn’t buy a cushion since I wanted to make my own. The grey chevron next to the chair is the cushion fabric and the green is for an ottoman/pouf.

(4) I’m planning on using the Raskog cart from Ikea as an end table and it’s already in the room as well.

(5) These are actually shapes from the Silhouette Online Store. I’m thinking about using them in some kind of art or decor.

(6) We already have an extra Hemnes dresser in black-brown that isn’t really being used. I’m planning to repaint it to white and grey. We also has a baby dresser that my grandfather built back when my uncle was born that needs a similar makeover.

(7) This is the Ekarp lamp base and the Umfors shade from Ikea. I’ve already purchased two table lamp bases with the 9″ shade and one floor lamp base with the 13″ shade.

(8) I’m re-purposing this Expedit (now called Kallax) shelving unit that I had in the sewing room for more storage in the nursery.

(9) These are snapshots off the cotton fabrics I’ve picked up to use in a bunch of sewing projects like pillow cases, crib skirt and curtains. The colors aren’t perfectly true to life but they’re close.

Well that’s pretty much where I’m going. So now onto the projects!

Teal and Grey Guest Bath Inspiration

One of the rooms I haven’t really worked on yet is our guest bathroom. So far all that’s in there the rugs, curtain and towels that we already had.

Lately I have been thinking about what I want to do with this room.

Summer Bucket List 3

I have decided that I wanted to paint the bathroom both Sunken Pool (MSL126) and Love in a Mist (MSL142). After choosing those colors I wasn’t sure that what I already had in this room would really work well.

After thinking about it for a while I decided that I think white and grey accents would be perfect to go with not only the walls but also to tie in with the grey in the guest bedroom next door.

Once I had the color scheme in mind  I started searching for a few things that I thought would be nice to finish out this room.

Guest Bathroom Mood Board

Right now we have a dark brown shower curtain and it’s amazing how dark it makes inside the shower. I’d like to swap that out for these cute patterned curtain and use a curved curtain rod. To finish off the shower area I’d like to add the dark grey rug for in front of the shower.

Sticking with the grey I’d like to get some  new grey towels. For in front of the sinks I like the idea of having fluffy white rugs.

In this bathroom there’s really only one place to hang towels. I’d like to add a few more hooks in the oil rubbed bronze to match the rest of the hardware in the bathroom.

Overall it’s a pretty simple mood board but I think it would be nice to finish off this room and make it feel like it’s less of a hodge podge.

Anyone else created a cohesive guest bathroom or are you still using left over towels that you’ve had for a while?

Round Two: Master Bedroom Mood Board

You may have seen recently that I shared my first master bedroom mood board. In that post I actually mentioned that I had already decided to not go with that color theme.

Since then we painted the walls in our room blue.

Master Bedroom 5-13-2013

Now that we’ve painted the room I’ve been thinking about how I can incorporate some of the things we already have in our room as well as a few other things to finish out the room.

Here is what I came up with:

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Of course some of the items are the same as the last mood board. You can find out more about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in this post.

Here’s the lowdown on the rest of the items:

8. This is Thistle Blue (MSL160) from Martha Stewart Paint which is the color we recently painted the walls.

9. I feel like there is something missing above our bed. I would love to diy something like this simple and pretty collage. Source.

10. With all the bold patterns I currently have all over the room I feel like I need a  more neutral duvet that I could dress up with colorful pillows. Source.

11. I already have a set of three photos which were hanging in this room before we painted. I’d love to dress them up a little by adding either a diy or finding and open frame to hang around them. Source.

12. I would still like to change up the covers on the mini couch. I was thinking about using this as the accent band around the pillows. Source.

13. This would be the main fabric for the couch cushions since it’s a little more neutral and matches the color them a little better than the current ones. Source.

14. A few weeks ago I picked up some new candles and I’m loving the scents and that they have and the lids to keep them clean. I have been loving this Spring scent and it also happens to be green which matches nicely. Source.

15. To go with the jar candles you can also buy candle holders which seems like a fun way to jazz up the candles and they work with the theme. Source.

16. I couldn’t help but throw in another green candle to go with the black and silver candle holders. Source.

17 and 18. Since the duvet is plain I want to add a few accents pillows in both of these fabrics, as well as more in number 12 to go on both the couch and the bed. Source and Source.

Now I’m ready to go out and find some things to finish out our room. I would be great to finally feel like I’ve finished at least one room in our house.

Anyone else feel like they need to give there bedroom a little design love?

In the Mood in the Master Bedroom

Have you ever been up in the clouds planning something in a perfect little world of your own only to be brought back down to earth when you show someone else? Well that’s what happened when I created a mood board for our master bedroom. So, even though I probably won’t use all of this any more I still spent some time collecting and putting all the items together so I thought it would be fun to share.

As you may already know I’ve been slowly working around the house painting different areas and working on the whole house color palette. One of the rooms on the list is our master bedroom. For a little while now I have been feeling like there is just something missing from this room. I think what it’s missing is cohesive picture of the final result. Here’s a reminder of what it looks like as of now.

Master Bed 2

Soon after we moved in a made the curtains and not long after that I made new cushion covers for the couch. I thought I was trying to be clever and maybe a little daring on mixing the patterns and colors but to be honest I just don’t love it.

One day while doing some of the usual surfing on Pinterest I came across this picture.

Honestly i think it’s a little weird for me to like this because to I don’t really like yellow, but Chris does. Although the more I thought about it I just loved the look of the greys and the sunny yellow accents started to grow on me. I finally just decided to start collecting some pictures of different pieces, fabrics and colors that I liked.

I put it all together and created the following mood board. Some of the items are new and some are items we already have.

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Here’s the list of sources:
1.  Ofelia Vass Gray Duvet Cover from Ikea. Source.
2. Black Hemnes Bed from Ikea (I don’t think this is available any longer)
3. White Hemnes Nightstand from Ikea (I don’t think this is available any longer)
4. Lillberg Couch from Ikea (Purchased years ago and no longer available)
5. Premier Prints Chipper Twill Storm Fabric. Source.
6. Premier Prints Chipper Twill Storm Fabric. Source.
7. Premier Prints Jo Jo Slub Corn Yellow Fabric. Source.
8. Martha Stewart paint in Zinc. Source.
9. Malm Occasional Table from Ikea. Source.
10. Aryd Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
11. Skimmer Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
12. Aryd Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
13. Vift Yellow Block Candle from Ikea. Source.
14. Forsoka Biege Block Candles from Ikea. Source.
15. Wooden Storage Crate Plans from Shanty to Chic. Source.
16. Premier Prints Willow Yellow Fabric. Source.
17. Premier Prints Chipper Slub Corn Yellow Fabric. Source.
18. Premier Prints Chipper Slub Charcoal Fabric. Source.

First of all I wanted to paint the room Zinc like I did with the accent wall in the guest room. As for the furniture we already own the nightstands, bed and couch. For a while i have been planning on painting the couch frame white and I would really like to make new covers out of the fabric in #5. The one new piece of furniture would be to build my own occasional table similar to the Malm table and add some of the accents in the mood board.

I originally wanted to replace the curtains with something out of #6 and #7. This is the major thing that I probably won’t do. I did just make curtains a year ago and spent a decent amount of money and time, totally throwing those out the window and starting over seems ridiculous. Plus Chris told me that he really likes the ones we have. So there’s my call to come down from cloud nine and back to the real world.

So there it is, the mood board that I won’t end up using much of since it really doesn’t go with the curtains. Time for another round of trying to pick new paint colors and figure out how to fix those silly couch covers. I thought I was done with the paint color scheme but it just doesn’t look that way anymore.

Has anyone created a new look for a room your were excited about then decided it was not feasible and started all over?

In the Mood for a Mood Board

*I’ve updated the House Tour Progress Page. Quick go check it out! Well after you read the post of course. 

Lately I feel like I have been working on projects non-stop. If it hasn’t been something outside it’s been a sewing or decor project or even some knitting. Since there has been all this time rushing to get so much done I feel a little melancholy about the progress inside the house. Oh I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and half the fun of creating a home is all the little changes along the way, but there is something to be said about feeling like you’re finished with something. Checking something big off the list instead of lots of little things.
That being said I think that part of my problem is that I’m in the middle of all these small things and I don’t have a very clear view of the finish line. So, I thought that maybe I’d come up with a mood board to get a view of this picture.

I decided to start with the family room since this is a room that I haven’t really touched.

So here it goes:

1. Ikea Karlstad Sectional Sofa
2. Media Console from Handmade Home made by The Friendly Home.
3. Ottoman.
4. End Table from Ana White.
5. Rug from Overstock.
6. Rustic X Console Table from Ana White.

Well there is it. My first attempt of a quickly done mood board. The colors aren’t quite right but the styles are more what I’m going for. Anyway, it’s fun to think about the direction I want to go with a room. It will also be interesting to see how the actual room will one day look in comparison.

Anyone else creating a mood board or planning out the future of a room in your home?