Throw Pillows for the Nursery

I thought it would be nice to have a couple of throw pillows for the chair in the nursery. I don’t know if I’ll end up using them but this way I can if I want to.

I came up with a pretty simple pattern using fabrics that I had left from the other nursery projects.

Nursery Throw Pillows 1 Nursery Throw Pillows 2

Then I just serged the pieces together to make the top of the pillow cases.

Nursery Throw Pillows 3

For the back I used some of the minky that I had left over from another couple projects.

Nursery Throw Pillows 4

Once they were sewn together and the pillows inside they turned out pretty cute.

Nursery Throw Pillows 5 Nursery Throw Pillows 6 Nursery Throw Pillows 7

Another quick project to mark off the to do list. I’m almost done decorating the room! Just a few more things to wrap up.

Fall Burlap Applique Pillow Cases

I really enjoy decorating for fall. Last fall I made some envelope pillow cases which were still on the pillows in my living room. Even though I made them for fall they are pretty neutral colors so they work for all year round.

When fall came around this year I could have just continued to use what I had but I really wanted something different and even a little more fall looking.

So I went to the fabric store and picked our some cotton fabrics and some burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 1

To start with I cut out pieces of burlap to cover the four largest pillows I have which are about 20″ and 16″ square.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 2

To give them a more fall look I wanted to add leaves and pumpkin shapes to the pillowcases. To test out sizes and shapes I used my silhouette portrait to cut paper samples.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 3

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 4

Once I decided which shapes I wanted to used and how big to make them I I figured out which fabrics I wanted to use. Since I was using my silhouette I had to prep the fabrics before I could cut them.  To prep the fabric I ironed on a square of double sides fusible interfacing to the wrong side.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 5

Then I peeled off the paper backing and stuck the fabric onto the cutting mat. With the interfacing on the fabric it holds really well onto the sticky mat.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 6

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cut out the curvy shapes with the silhouette.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 7

After I cut out all the shapes I placed them on the burlap and moved them around until I liked their placement.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 8

Since the fabrics already had fusible interfacing all I had to do was iron the shapes to the burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 9

Before I started I knew I wasn’t intending to wash these cases very often. I understand that burlap doesn’t really wash well or easily.  Although I didn’t need to finish the edges since they were glued down the just looked a little unfinished.  At first I attempted a satin stitch on a sample cut out but it didn’t work well with all the curves and corners. Instead I just went with a straight stitch in a matching color close to the edges.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 10

After the fronts of the burlap pillows were done I just assembled them like any other envelope pillow. I did use my serger in an attempt to keep the seams and edges from raveling.

With the burlap cases complete I cut out fabric for the rest of the pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 11

For some of the fabrics that had a pattern I just cut out following the lines of the pattern.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 12

Here’s the rest of pillow cases all piled up and inside out.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 13

After all the cases were done I put them on the pillows and set them all out in the living room.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 14

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 15

I’ve even brought out my fall decor and flowers as well.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 16

I really love how the pillowcases turned out and how they look on the couches.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 17

Here’s some more close ups of all the burlap pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 18

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 19

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 20

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 21

I enjoyed doing something to change up this room a bit and make it a little more fall looking.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 22

Is anyone else changing up some pillow cases for fall?

Ruffles and Tucks Pillows

This past weekend I was busy working on my pillowcases for the guest room. I finished them this weekend and I’m excited to have another thing on the Git ‘R Done list checked off.

You may remember a while ago when I shared the making of the roman shades for the guest room. When I chose the fabric for the pillows I decided to use the patterned grey fabric and the blue fabric that I used on the shades. I have also been wanting to add a different pop of color to this room so I chose a coral fabric to go with the others.

I was hoping to keep the pillows a little simpler than the fall living room pillowcases or even the summer pillowcases, but as usual the execution was more than I anticipated. I started cutting out the fabric on Saturday morning and finally finished up the pillows Sunday afternoon. I kept taking breaks and working on other things so they took a little longer than if I had worked on them non-stop.

On a previous trip to Ikea I picked up three 20″x20″ Inner cushions and two of the 14″x14″ Irma cushions with the intention of using them in the guest room. I planned out what I wanted to have each pillow look like and cut out my fabric accordingly. I ended up just cutting each pillow case so that they were 1/2″ larger than the dimensions of the pillows so that when they were finished they matched the size of the pillow.

So here is all the fabric cut out and ready to sew.

Two of the pillows are just plain patterned fabric. I cut one square 20.5″ x 20.5″ for the front and then two rectangles 20.5″ x 12.5″ for each of the back flaps. For the others I cut out a base fabric in the same way. Then I cut strips of the flower pattern to use as the ruffles on the front of the blue and coral fabrics. In theory I cut the grey flower fabric so that the strip was 1.5 times longer than the pillow is was going on. Then I cut it a quarter of the width plus 1″ so there was enough to finish the edges of the strips. Although you will see later that apparently I didn’t calculate well because there were more larger gaps between the strips on the finished pillows than I was originally hoping.

Just like the last set of pillows I started by serging all the open edges. In this case is was one edge per back  piece and both of the edges for the ruffly strips.

Then I turned the serged edges twice and sewed them down to create a small hem.

With the edges finished I quickly made up the two large grey flowered pillowcases since they were the easiest. They went together fast.

Then I started working on the smaller coral ruffly pillows. First I ironed the strips of fabric for the ruffles in half, to have a line to follow to sew on.

Then using the biggest stitch on my machine I just stitched down the fold.

Next I started placing the ruffles and gathering the strips of fabric on the front piece of the pillowcase.

This was the most tedious part for me. I don’t really enjoy gathering fabric. I am hardly ever happy with how it turns out.

Then once I finished the two smaller pillows I decided to change tactics. This time I iron the background into quarters to help place the strips on. Then instead of gathering the strips I decided to make tucks in them instead.

I changed the directions of the tucks and just randomly tucked the fabric until the ends matched with the end of the pillow case. This was so much faster. I think that if I were to make these over again I would just go with the tucks from the beginning.

After all the tucking and gathering and sewing I tossed them up on the guest bed. You may notice that I recently added a white duvet cover to the bed. It’s the Dvala duvet cover from Ikea. It may be plain and boring right now but I’ve got some future plans for it.

I think the size of pillows works well with the bed. One more small step made in the saga of the guest room and so many steps still to come.

Here’s a close up of what the pillows look like.

I was hoping that with the grey pattern and the blue that the pillows would look a little more masculine than feminine. I knew that the coral was a big stretch but I wanted to bring in another color to the room that would be cheery. Now I’m afraid that I’ve just made this room really feminine. So sorry in advance any man that has to come and stay in this room. You can go ahead and hide the pillows in the closet. 🙂

Until then I will enjoy them on the few occasions that I walk by the room. I love the mix of colors and patterns and I can’t wait to work on something else for this room.

Anyone else making a a guest room girly and frilly in hopes of making your male guests uncomfortable?

Bring on the Fall (Envelope Pillowcase Edition)

I got another thing on my Git ‘R Done list!

I switched out the summer pillows for something a little more fall-like. I bought the fabric weeks ago but I just couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and create the pillow cases. If you remember the summer pillowcases you could probably tell that they took a while to create. Well at first I thought these would go much faster, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

For the summer set of pillowcases I went with the solid colors because I knew I could go crazy with the patterns and it wouldn’t be overwhelming  This time around I picked out some fun patterned fabric in blues and greens. One matches the pillow on the telephone table and the rest coordinate together. At first I was going to just do a simple plain envelope back pillowcase. In the end I was afraid that they would look cheap and plain so I decided to add a little something extra, a piping edge.

So onto how I made my pillowcases.

First I spread out my fabrics and decided which fabric I wanted to put on each size of pillow. Since I had five fabrics and ten pillows I chose to do two pillows in each fabric.

Once I knew which size pillow I wanted in each fabric I got to cutting out the fabrics. Of course this was after ironed and folded all the fabrics first. Here they are below folded neatly and even with the 3/32″ cording I picked up to use for the piping.

To figure out the size of fabric I needed was really simple. First I measured the size of my pillow, for example I have one that is 20″ x 20″. Then I just added a 1/2″ per side and cut out a piece of fabric 20.5″ x 20.5″. This would be the front. For the two halves of the back I cut the width in half, in this case it was 10″ then I added 2.5″ to that to create a large enough overlap on the back of the pillow. So for the back I just cut two pieces of 20.5″ (height) x 12.5″ (width). (As a hint here; the first time I made some envelope pillows I only had about an 1″ overlap total and the pillow cases were so tight the backs gaped open and you could see the form. No cool.)

After I had all the pieces cut I decided to serge all the edges to finish them since I knew I didn’t really want to serge the pillowcases after the piping was attached.

Once all the raw edges were serged I  finished one side of each of the back fabrics by doing a 1/4″ double turned hem. It’s pretty simple. Just turn the fabric in a 1/4″ of an inch. Sew. Turn another 1/4″ and sew again. You may need to pay attention to the direction of the pattern on your fabric so that you end up with a left side back and a right side back, not just two left sides.

Once all those edges were finished for the back pieces I started working on the piping. I used this tutorial on how to cut my bias tape from Made using a 1/2 yard of fabric.

Here’s the overview of what I did as another reference. First I folded one end of the fabric along the salvage edge at a 45 degree angle.

Then I cut along the folded line and flipped it over so that the salvage edge was on the bottom. Then I pinned those edges together right sides facing in.

Then I just flipped the fabric around and did the same thing on the other side. You may notice here that the cut edges (or bias edges) are parallel to one another.

Then I just sewed the pinned edges together.

Once the fabric was sewn then I unfolded everything and pressed the seams.

Then you just fold,



And fold again,

Then all that had to be done was to cut the bias strips 1-1/2″ strips.

Once it’s cut into strips then I just sewed the lengths together so that I had a strip that was long enough to go around the whole pillow.

Once the bias tape is sewn together then the cording can be sewn into the piping.

I did this the same way as I did in the car seat tent.

Then I attached the piping to the front of the pillowcase using a basting stitch, while trying to get as close to the cording as possible.

Once the piping was attached then I sewed on the two back pieces keeping close to the piping as much as I could. The great thing about an envelope pillowcase is that it is easy sew since you don’t have to worry about leaving a gap to turn it with, the envelope back already does that.

Then all I had to do was turn the pillow cases right side out and give them a good pressing. Ta Da!

Since I went with the piping it took a lot longer than just the normal envelope backed pillowcase but, I think it was well worth the extra time. It really makes the simple pillows look a little classier.

Here’s one of the pillowcases all finished and stuffed with the form.

I’ll tell you one thing I noticed as I made more of the pillowcases. At first I tried to turn the corner with the piping as tightly as I could. After I made a few I started to take a wider corner. I found that this actually made the pillowcase look better and it didn’t cause any tucking in the corner of the piping. You can see that the blue one below has a bigger radius and I think looks a little better than the green ones. Although, once they are stuffed it’s hard to notice the difference. So moral of the story; don’t stress too much it’s only pillows.

Well enough of that talk. Here’s what the pile of pillows looked like after they were finished.

I must say I am really pleased with the way the way all the fabrics look together.

With all the dark weather outside the pillows seem to match the mood a little better than the bright ones.

My only wish was that there was a little more color in this room now . Even though it is looking good for fall.

Now I feel like that last little bit of the room is all decorated for fall (just in time for fall to be over). Just like the summer ones they will be easy to swap out when I want and I can just put them away for next year. Don’t you just love the patterns on the fabrics? Because I do. 🙂

Anyone else switching out some throw pillows? Have you created any envelope back pillow cases? Maybe even jazzed them up a bit?

Summertime Pillows (Just A Little Late)

Yeah I know this post is a little late. It’s not really summer anymore but I wanted to show off the fun pillow cases that I made this summer before I switch them out for something new. I’ve already got the fabric so once I find the time I’m getting right on it and making fall pillows. 

After we put together the furniture in the living room I wanted to add a little something extra. Even though I still don’t have a coffee table and I’m using stools as end tables, I wanted to add a little color to the room.  I thought adding some fun pillows would be a quick and inexpensive update.

When I was looking at fabric one day I came across a pattern that I loved but didn’t have a use for. I took this as a great opportunity to snatch up this fabric. Since the solid cotton fabrics were also on sale I grabbed some of those to match. I gathered a few pillow forms that I already had and added a few that I picked up from Ikea for a few dollars a piece.  I’ve got 2 – 20″ x 20″, 2-16″ x 16″ and the rest are 14″ x 14″ sized pillows.

I came up with a few ideas of patterns that I wanted to do and put that together with some ideas that I found on Pintrest. So here’s the pile of pillows:

I mixed up the patterns with the solids and I created some with ruffles and even one with a cute bow.

The pillow that took the most time was the chevron pattern made from half square triangles but it’s also one of my favorite.

All of the pillows were made doing a regular overlapping back with about 2 inches of overlap on each side.

After I had all the pillows done I stuck two of the smaller ones on the chairs . . .

then I spread the rest out on each ends of both couches.

I loved the way they turned out. They really break up the large solid furniture and add a fun pop of color.

Well now that they’re up it’s about time to switch to something more fitting for the fall. Good thing they were pretty simple to make and inexpensive. I look forward to creating many sets of pillow cases that I can switch out when the mood strikes. It’s a great way to easily change the look of the room with out making a big expensive change.

Anyone else creating some pillows of your own?