Fall Yarn Wreath 2014

I have to admit that fall just came up out of nowhere for me. I guess it’s here’s since it’s getting colder and all the leaves are turning and falling off the trees. That being said my yarn wreaths still had spring flowers from when I switched out the last time (which still had fall leaves on them from last year).

Since my fall wreaths stayed on the front porch until last spring the paper didn’t really survive very well. I ended up just throwing away all the decor I used last year.

This year I just wanted to do something really quick and inexpensive.

Fall Yarn Wreath 1

I ended up gathering a few fall colored papers I already had on hand and then just cut a few leaves and a bow shape out using my Silhouette Portrait. The only thing I had to purchase was the bow shape from the Silhouette store since I already had the leave shapes from last year.

Fall Yarn Wreath 2

They may not look amazing but they were really quick and only cost a dollar to make.

Fall Yarn Wreath 3 Fall Yarn Wreath 4

Now I guess I can forget about them until next spring like last year.

If you’re interested you can find the leaf cut outs here and here and the bow cut out here.

Woodland Animal Canvas for the Nursery

Back when I created the nursery mood board I mentioned that I had found some really cute woodland animal cutouts from the Silhouette store. I knew that I wanted to incorporate them somehow and I finally decided on making some art to hang on the nursery.

I picked up six flat canvas boards to use as backgrounds. I also picked out three paint colors that matched the papers I picked out as well and the rest of the room colors. The colors I grabbed where Indian Turquoise Barn Wood and Irish Moss.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 3

To give the canvas a sharp border I used a one inch frog tape around the edges of the canvas. It’s pretty similar to what the creator of the cutouts did on her blog post here.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 1

It took about three coats to get a good full coverage of the colors. Once they were dry I just peeled off the tape.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 2

As for the animals I just adjusted the sizes and cut them out using my silhouette. I used glue to assemble the layers of the animals and then I used sticky glue dots to attach them to the canvas.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 4

I love how all the animals turned out. I think they are just so cute and fill up this wall without being too much.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 5

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 6

Chris helped me line everything up over the dressers and we used 3m velcro tabs to hang up all the canvases.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 7

I think that pretty much concludes the nursery! Stay tuned for the final reveal. I’ve finally picked up and I’ve got a few more fun decorative finishes to share.

If you’re interested in the cutouts here’s the links: fox, raccoon, hedgehog, deer, owl, skunk.

Above the Kitchen Cabinet Decor

I’m taking a brief break from baby stuff to share the decor I’ve finally added to my kitchen. I’ve been thinking about doing this for months and even went so far as buying frames (months ago I think) but I just couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted to put in them.

Kitchen Art Decor 11

I finally decided what I wanted to do with the frames. I whipped out my Silhouette Portrait and cut out kitchen themed shapes and arranged them on various scrapbook paper backgrounds.

Kitchen Art Decor 1

Here’s a close up of all five frames I ended up doing. I didn’t come up with the sayings on my own. As usual I stole those from the internet.

Kitchen Art Decor 2

Kitchen Art Decor 3

Kitchen Art Decor 4

Kitchen Art Decor 5

Kitchen Art Decor 6

Then I lined them up on the counter to figure out what order I wanted to hang them in. For reference all the frames I used are the Ribba line from Ikea. The smaller frames are the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size and the larger are the 12″ x 16″ size.

Kitchen Art Decor 7

As usual I stood on the ground and Chris hung all the frames above the cabinets.

Kitchen Art Decor 8

Finally there is something it fill that awkward space above the cabinets.

Kitchen Art Decor 9

Kitchen Art Decor 10

Kitchen Art Decor 11

Has anyone else come up with some fun ways to fill the space above your cabinets?

Farmhouse Doll Bed

Now that it’s after Christmas and this gift has been given I think it’s safe to finally share it without someone ruining the surprise.

Chris and I didn’t find a lot of time to be able to make many things for Christmas gifts but we were able to do this one. I’ve been wanting to make a doll bed for our niece and Chris helped me make one this year. We used Ana White’s Farmhouse Doll Bed pattern and pretty much just followed the directions. Since we keep a lot of scraps we were actually able to find everything we needed in our garage and cut it all down to size.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 1

While I was sanding away Chris assembled all the pieces by gluing and nailing them together with our smallest nail gun.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 2

He used a scrap of wood to center the top and bottom boards that attached all the slats together on the headboard and footboards.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 3

Here’s one side all assembled and ready to go.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 4

From there we pretty much followed the directions and attached everything to the frame. We did add an extra 2×2 board in the center of the bed to add a little extra strength.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 5

To finish off the bed I used two coats of kilz2 primer and two coats of white paint to finish off the bed.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 6

The only part we had to buy was a small sheet of thin plywood to use as a base for the mattress.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 7

Of course I couldn’t stop there I had to create a little bedding set.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 8

I made a mattress and pillows using Ana White’s pattern. To go with is I put together a simple little quilt using scraps I already had on hand.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 9

Of course since I’m crazy and little addicted I also couldn’t help but cut out some shapes with my silhouette to personalize it a bit more.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 10 Farmhouse Doll Bed 11

I just love the way it turned out. As usual the sanding and painting could be a little tedious at times but I think the end product was worth it.

Were you able to make any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Nativity Canvas Art

Last winter I wanted to switch out my canvases in our family room to something more season appropriate but I just never got around to it. Here is a reminder of what the set has looked like:

Clean Bench

A couple of months ago I got it in my head that I wanted to do it this year so I grabbed 2 8×10 canvases and 2 11×14 canvases. I decided that I wanted to do something that was centered around the nativity.

I pulled out a sample pot of Martha Stewart’s Azurite (MSL 167) to use as a background. It’s actually the same color I used on the front door and it is a little darker than the kitchen so I thought it would blend well with my decor.

Nativity Canvas 1

Next I found some shapes that I liked on the Silhouette Online Store and used scrap paper to test the sizes and placement for all the  shapes.

Nativity Canvas 2

It took a lot of tries but I finally figured out how I wanted everything and got the fonts to look the way I wanted them on the quote. By the way the quote is from a song by Jars of Clay called “Love Came Down at Christmas”.

Nativity Canvas 3

After I finally figured out how large I wanted the shapes I had to decided what papers to cut everything from.

Nativity Canvas 4

Once everything was cut I was ready to figure out how to attach it all to the canvases. I honestly got a little frustrated when trying to adhere the papers to the canvas and I think I lost motivation to take any photos. Basically I ended up having to use a glue stick to glue the shapes down and then I covered it all with mod podge to seal it. Since the mod podge is so wet it ended up bubbling some of the papers especially on some of the larger pieces. It’s hard to tell in the photos but in person it’s a little more noticeable.

Nativity Canvas 5

I do like how it turned out in the end it just didn’t go as smoothly as I had originally hoped. It is really nice though to have something more fitting for the Christmas season.

Nativity Canvas 6

I guess it’s just another case of my ideas being more grand than what I am able to accomplish. Has anyone else made a project lately and had high expectations than you weren’t able to achieve?

Fall Burlap Applique Pillow Cases

I really enjoy decorating for fall. Last fall I made some envelope pillow cases which were still on the pillows in my living room. Even though I made them for fall they are pretty neutral colors so they work for all year round.

When fall came around this year I could have just continued to use what I had but I really wanted something different and even a little more fall looking.

So I went to the fabric store and picked our some cotton fabrics and some burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 1

To start with I cut out pieces of burlap to cover the four largest pillows I have which are about 20″ and 16″ square.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 2

To give them a more fall look I wanted to add leaves and pumpkin shapes to the pillowcases. To test out sizes and shapes I used my silhouette portrait to cut paper samples.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 3

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 4

Once I decided which shapes I wanted to used and how big to make them I I figured out which fabrics I wanted to use. Since I was using my silhouette I had to prep the fabrics before I could cut them.  To prep the fabric I ironed on a square of double sides fusible interfacing to the wrong side.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 5

Then I peeled off the paper backing and stuck the fabric onto the cutting mat. With the interfacing on the fabric it holds really well onto the sticky mat.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 6

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cut out the curvy shapes with the silhouette.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 7

After I cut out all the shapes I placed them on the burlap and moved them around until I liked their placement.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 8

Since the fabrics already had fusible interfacing all I had to do was iron the shapes to the burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 9

Before I started I knew I wasn’t intending to wash these cases very often. I understand that burlap doesn’t really wash well or easily.  Although I didn’t need to finish the edges since they were glued down the just looked a little unfinished.  At first I attempted a satin stitch on a sample cut out but it didn’t work well with all the curves and corners. Instead I just went with a straight stitch in a matching color close to the edges.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 10

After the fronts of the burlap pillows were done I just assembled them like any other envelope pillow. I did use my serger in an attempt to keep the seams and edges from raveling.

With the burlap cases complete I cut out fabric for the rest of the pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 11

For some of the fabrics that had a pattern I just cut out following the lines of the pattern.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 12

Here’s the rest of pillow cases all piled up and inside out.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 13

After all the cases were done I put them on the pillows and set them all out in the living room.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 14

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 15

I’ve even brought out my fall decor and flowers as well.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 16

I really love how the pillowcases turned out and how they look on the couches.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 17

Here’s some more close ups of all the burlap pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 18

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 19

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 20

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 21

I enjoyed doing something to change up this room a bit and make it a little more fall looking.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 22

Is anyone else changing up some pillow cases for fall?

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath

It’s officially feeling like fall in our neck of the woods. Actually I think it feels like we’re blowing right past fall and are staring winter in the face.

Back at the beginning of October I updated my yarn wreaths for fall. This year I wanted to do something a little different than what I had last year.

To start with I found a handful of colored card stock in various fall colors. The I cut out a stack of leaves with my silhouette portrait.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 1

I started working at the bottom center overlapping leaves and pinning them down.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 2

Then I continued working around the sides of the wreath with all the leaves still pointing up.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 3

I stopped once I was pretty close to the top leaving an empty space for the next part.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 4

Once I had my first wreath done I filled the second wreath with the remaining leaves.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 5

To fill in the gap on the top I made a bow out of burlap. I cut small strips of burlap for bow loops as well as tails. I started first with the tails of the bow. I pinched the burlap at the top and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 6

I did the same with the second tail. Then I folded the next piece of burlap in a loop, pinched the end and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 7

From there I made a loop opposite to the first one.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 8

Then I continued working in a cross pattern to make loops on the bow.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 9

Finally to fill in the bow I added two more loops in between the others.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 10

To finish off the bow I made a small loop and pinned that in the center to cover all the raw edges of the loops.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 11

After that was done all I did was replace the old grey ribbon with strip of burlap and hung them back up on the front door.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 12

It was a fairly simple project and I love the way they turned out.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 14

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 15

I know that it’s more work to reuse the same foam wreaths over and over but I enjoy changing them up and coming up with new ways to use the same base. It’s also nice not needing to store multiple wreaths.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 13

Anyone else put up some fall wreaths on your front door?

You can see my previous yarn wreaths here.

Painting Birds on Some Wires

Lets head back to our guest bathroom. Had you forgotten I’ve been working on it? I wouldn’t be offended if you have. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it or even worked on it for that matter.

After I finished the shower curtain I wanted to make some art for the bathroom. The shower area doesn’t have a lot of wall space but I still thought it would be nice to have at least a little decor on them.

Since I’ve appearantly been into canvas’ lately I bought four square canvases in two sizes to make a little mini canvas wall. I already had a lot of test pots that matched the guest bathroom paint colors I started out by painting a base color of sunken pool (MSL 126).

Birds on a Wire Canvas 1

After that dried I taped of some thin lines slanted in various directions. For these I used Love in a Mist (MSL 142), Lagoon (MSL 125), Magnetite (MSL 278) and Driftwood Grey (MSL 265). The last three colors I didn’t use in the bathroom but I already had them and they matched the color palette I was going for.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 2

It took a couple of coats but once those were dry I pulled off the tape. I wanted to paint birds on the “wires” so I cut out some bird shapes using my Silhouette Portrait.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 3

I used a regular card stock to make the stencils. My first thought was that I would just use them like a regular stencil and paint inside them. This didn’t work well since the paper stuck to the canvas and the paint bled underneath. You can see the bird on the left hand side where I tried to rub off the paint before it dried. Obviously that didn’t work to well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 4

Instead I ended up using the cut outs to draw an outline in pencil. Then I used a small paint brush to fill in the bird shapes. It was more time consuming but the shapes turned out really well this way.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 5

After about two coats of paint on each bird they turned out like this.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 6

To hang them I just pounded small wire nails in the wall.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 7

I love how the colors go well with the rest of the bathroom so far.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 8

I think the birds are simple, cute and go well with the shower curtain as well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 9

These ended up being a simple little art project that I think looks great in the bathroom.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 10

Has anyone else become obsessed with canvases lately like I have?

Laundry Room Decals

So far in the laundry room saga we have painted, installed shelving, made a mirror and decorated.

To finally finish up the last part of the laundry room I decided to add some custom vinyl decor. I had one wall still with nothing on it but due to the size of the room I didn’t want to put anything on it that would feel like it was sticking out into the room. Vinyl stickers seemed like a good solution.

After doing some searching online I came across two different ideas. One was a cute laundry room sign and the other was bubbles.

First up I created a little sign using the silhouette design software. I cut out a frame I purchased from the silhouette online store. Then I cut a title and block of words from white and red. I love the font I used for the red but it was so curvy and small that it was really hard to pull off the extra vinyl. I also had a bunch of dots in between the words but all of those came off. Oh well close enough.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 1

I then attempted to layer them on the transfer paper. Unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job so everything was a little off.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 2

So instead of relying on on my lining thing up on the transfer paper I ended up adhering each layer separately.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 3

The nice thing about the transfer paper though is that you can move the vinyl around before choosing the final spot. As you can see I put up the red lettering first. I did loose a few letters along the way that I had to move by hand.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 4

It took some time to get all the pieces smooth and placed where I wanted them but it did work out ok.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 5

When you step back you can see that the sign is centered between the washer and dryer.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 6

To fill up the rest of this empty wall a little more I purchased a set of bubbles from the online store again and cut out about an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of solid bubbles to put on the wall.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 7

I randomly placed them on the wall in a diagonal starting from about the middle of the door when it’s open.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 8

I also made some non-solid versions and randomly placed those among the others.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 9

I think the bubbles may be the best part of the room. I love the way they turned out. I also love that the bubble are the first thing you can see coming around the corner and into this room.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 10

I know that I jumped on the wall vinyl train a little late in the game and it may already be going out of style but I love the way this wall turned out. It’s more than just a quote it ended up being almost wall art.

So what do you think about wall vinyl? Is it still in style or is it making it’s way out?

Laundry Room Decor

In my attempt to finish the laundry room I’ve already painted, installed shelving and built a diy mirror.

Well, no room is complete without some decor of course. While we were working on finishing up the shelving I started to arrange some decor. My first accomplishment was hanging a set of 5 Virserum frames with a set of photos from Ikea.

Laundry Room Decor 8

I really liked the way the white frames look on the wall as well as how the pictures inside look.

Laundry Room Decor 9

Now back to the shelving. When we were installing it we had some gaping due to some really uneven walls. To fix this we bought some 3/4″ molding to cover all the cut edges and to fill the spots against the walls.

Laundry Room Decor 7

I ended up choosing a molding that has a curvy profile. It actually ended up making it really difficult to miter and smoothly connect a lot of edges but I do like the look. Once it was painted, nailed in and caulked the trim made the shelves look a lot more finished.

Laundry Room Decor 12

To decorate the upper shelf I bought a couple of glass jars on sale at Hobby Lobby and put some fake flowers in them.

Laundry Room Decor 10

I also bought a couple metal pots and fake plants from Ikea to go on the shelf. To add a little more custom look I cut some more labels with my silhouette to label the pots. At first I wanted to get some live succulents but seeing as we have a lack of natural light in this room it just seemed like a bad idea.

Laundry Room Decor 11

Here are both the shelves cleaned up and looking a little better. The painting that’s hanging in the center is one that my mom painted for me a few years ago. I’m glad I finally found a spot for it and I think it looks great in this room.

Laundry Room Decor 5

It’s so nice to have this room looking so finished and pretty. It makes doing laundry a little better. . . .just a little.

Laundry Room Decor 13

I’ve just got one more little update and this room is finished! Check out the vinyl decor I added to finish off the room.