To Do List

I posted about my first master to do list here and the updated version here. I thought it would be nice to see have a live updated version to watch what gets checked off along the way. Keep checking back here for more updates and changes.

Family Room

– Hang art over tv

To Do:
-Update couch/seating to something more comfortable with more seating
– Build ottoman to go with couch
– Build sofa table to sit behind couch
– Build side tables
– Build tv stand or media console
– Update lighting/lamps
– Build or find new cat tree or stand


– Paint the walls
– Make magnet board for pantry
– Paint pantry
 Add more shelving to pantry
– Recover bar stools
– Make curtain or valance for window
Add art/decor to above cabinet area

To Do:
– Repaint dining table
– Repaint dining chairs
– Cover dining chair seats
– Reorganize spice cabinets
– Reorganize cupboards
– Build pull out drawers for lower cabinets

Dining Room

To Do:
– Repaint china cabinet
– Build corner shelving
– Build new sideboard
– Buy new chairs that better fit our style

Living Room

– Buy china cabinets and couches

To Do:
– Build coffee table
– Build side tables
– Buy lighting (since there is no over head lighting)
– Build sofa or console table for behind couch
– Buy Rug


– Hang floating shelves to use as console tables
– Paint outside of front door

To Do:
– Buy new rug for inside

Nursery 1

– Paint
– Sew Roman Shade
– Hang Picture Ledges
Put Legs on Expedit Shelves
Make Cushions for Poang
Sew Floor Pouf
– Sew & Hang Curtains
– Sew Crib Skirt

Repaint Baby Dresser
Repaint Hemnes Dresser
Sew Crib Sheets
Sew Throw Pillowcases for Chair
Sew Fabric Basket
Make Laundry Bag
Sew Changing Pad Covers
– Sew Flag Garland for Walls
– Make Wall Art

Powder Room 1

– Paint
– Add art and decorations

To Do:
– Build cabinet or add some kind of storage

Coat Closets

– Paint
– Move shelf in front closet forward
– Hang curtain in front closet

Laundry 1

– Paint
– Build shelving
– Install towel and broom hooks
– Install mirror with shelf
– Add decor to room
– Add vinyl decor

Master Bedroom 1

– Hang curtains
– Paint
– Build Malm styled console table
– New duvet cover

To Do:
– Paint mini couch frame
– Recover couch cushions
– Build corner cabinet
– Put something over headboard
-Make accent pillows
– Build open box to store throw pillows in

Master Closet

To Do:
– Paint
– Remove current shelving (move to another bedroom)
– Build custom shelving
– Add chandelier or pendant light

Master Bathroom 1

– Paint

To Do:
– Build cabinet or add storage to water closet
– Convert light over tub to chandelier or softer pendent light

Guest Room 1

– Sew roman shades
– Sew accent pillows
Paint Walls

To Do:
– Build bed frame
– Build side tables
– Put up some art/decorate
– Add something to decorate duvet cover

Guest Bathroom

Paint Walls
Replace Shower Curtain
– Get new towels/curtain
– Hang more towel hooks
– Make some art for decor

To Do:
– Build cabinet or storage for wall

Sewing Room

To Do:
– Paint
– Hang Curtains

– Build tv/dvd stand
– Build jar shelves
– Make new curtains

Bonus Room

To Do:
– Paint walls
– Dress up curtains (sew together)
– Add rustic/manly art


– Build storage shed
– Build cabinets/storage in garage
– Build planters for front walk
– Build planters for front door
Plant Scrubs Along the House
Plant Scrubs on Hill
– Expand back deck

To Do:
– Put in sprinkler system
– Bury drain spouts to drain underground
– Replace front deck boards with composite
– Add covering/roof of some kind to back deck
– Make gravel playground area next to deck

Keep checking back to this page. As we finish projects and change our mind about what we want to do I’ll be updating this page.

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