Bar Stools Remixed

Sometime before Thanksgiving (yes I realize that was a long time ago now) I got it in my head that I wanted to recover the seats on our kitchen bar stools. There was really nothing wrong with the seats just that they were bland and I was ready for a change. Back when I bought the fabrics for the kitchen window valance I actually bought fabric with the intention of recovering the bar stools.

Bar Stools Recovering 1

Recovering the seats was a lot easier than I expected. The seat was attached with 4 screws which I removed using a normal screw driver.

Bar Stools Recovering 2

I set out my piece of fabric right side down on the floor. Then I centered the seat on top of the wrong side of the fabric. I think for this set I cut half a yard in half at the fold which is basically a fat quarter if you’ve used one before.

Bar Stools Recovering 3

All I did from there was worked in a circle pulling, tucking and stapling the fabric around the curve as I went. I tired as much as I could to make tucks that wouldn’t show on the top.

Bar Stools Recovering 4

Here’s what the seat looked like when I was done.

Bar Stools Recovering 5

Then I just trimmed the extra fabric in the center and screwed the seat back on the stool.

Bar Stools Recovering 6

It took me less that a half hour, a yard of fabric and some staples to jazz up these seats.

Bar Stools Recovering 7

Anyone have some projects that you’ve been putting off that where must faster than expected?

Ravellinic Games Medals

The winter games are now officially over. I know that I’m not alone when I say that my views of the games was well, “meh”. I heard a statistic on the radio about halfway through that said nearly 75% of Americans were already ready for the games to be over.

Whatever the reason for the disinterest in the games I did in fact finish two projects for the Ravellinic Games which I wrote about at the beginning on the games. You can check out that post here.

The first project was really a work in progress. I wanted to finish this pair of socks before I allowed myself to move on to another project.

Purple Knit Socks 1

For more information on this pair of socks including the pattern you can check out my Ravelry project page.

Purple Knit Socks 5

The second project that I did was a sparkly infinity scarf. Out of the two this was definitely my most frustrating project. I started out with a completely different pattern. Lets just say it didn’t go very well. I finally frogged it and tried to come up with several other ideas until I finally gave up and tried one more pattern.

White Sparkly Scarf 1

For more information on this scarf check out my Ravelry project page.

White Sparkly Scarf 2

I have to say I was hoping to finish a few more projects but that’s okay. I’m glad to be starting another pair of socks. I think I’ll stick to socks for a while.

Winter 2014 Ravellenic Games

Unless you have been living under a rock or perhaps you really hate sports (either way I don’t judge) you know that today is the official opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. I enjoy watching random sports as the much as the next person but what I really love about the Olympic Games is the knitting!

I’m sure most of you are thinking what does knitting have to do with the Olympics? Well actually February 7th also marks the opening of the winter 2014 Ravellenic Games.


A few years back I heard about this phenomenon. I finally joined in during the 2012 games and I loved it so much I had to come back for more.

Since I’m guessing that most of my readers have no idea what this is I’ll give you the quick break down. Starting with the opening ceremonies of the actual Olympics all through the closing ceremonies you knit or crochet like crazy. The goal is to challenge yourself in any way you like. Then when you finish a project you can enter it in to various “events”. There may not be any fancy gold medals in this “olympic” games but it’s still pretty fun to join in with yarn lovers all over the world to create so many fantastic projects. For me it’s a great chance to work on some projects that I just haven’t been motivated to finish.

If you happen to be a fellow yarn lover it’s not too late to join. Hop on over to the Ravelry site, join the group and you can find out all the details there.

Now I’m off to knit up a storm!

Guest Bathroom Round Up

After I finished up the canvas art I really didn’t have much left to do on the guest bathroom. All it needed was some cleaning up and  putting things away. Of course this took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish. Finally the weekend before Thanksgiving I finished up just in time for our guests to arrive.

So here’s how it all turned out:

The first part of the process was painting the room.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 1

I finally upgraded from the old towels I’ve had since college and bought a few new ones that matched the grey and teal color scheme.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 2

I love the way the shower curtain turned out and the cute birdy art is great as well.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 3

I also picked up a few full size towels to match the hand towels.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 4

Since I thought it would be nice to have a few more places to hang towels, especially when we have guests, we hung a few hooks on the wall behind the door in the sink area.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 5

Other than that there isn’t much to it. I did clean out some used candle holders to use for cotton products and even found some cute wire baskets for extra hand towels and wash cloths.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 6

It doesn’t yet feel completely finished but it is back to being clean and usable after it’s been quite messy since I started painting months ago.

Farmhouse Doll Bed

Now that it’s after Christmas and this gift has been given I think it’s safe to finally share it without someone ruining the surprise.

Chris and I didn’t find a lot of time to be able to make many things for Christmas gifts but we were able to do this one. I’ve been wanting to make a doll bed for our niece and Chris helped me make one this year. We used Ana White’s Farmhouse Doll Bed pattern and pretty much just followed the directions. Since we keep a lot of scraps we were actually able to find everything we needed in our garage and cut it all down to size.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 1

While I was sanding away Chris assembled all the pieces by gluing and nailing them together with our smallest nail gun.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 2

He used a scrap of wood to center the top and bottom boards that attached all the slats together on the headboard and footboards.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 3

Here’s one side all assembled and ready to go.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 4

From there we pretty much followed the directions and attached everything to the frame. We did add an extra 2×2 board in the center of the bed to add a little extra strength.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 5

To finish off the bed I used two coats of kilz2 primer and two coats of white paint to finish off the bed.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 6

The only part we had to buy was a small sheet of thin plywood to use as a base for the mattress.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 7

Of course I couldn’t stop there I had to create a little bedding set.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 8

I made a mattress and pillows using Ana White’s pattern. To go with is I put together a simple little quilt using scraps I already had on hand.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 9

Of course since I’m crazy and little addicted I also couldn’t help but cut out some shapes with my silhouette to personalize it a bit more.

Farmhouse Doll Bed 10 Farmhouse Doll Bed 11

I just love the way it turned out. As usual the sanding and painting could be a little tedious at times but I think the end product was worth it.

Were you able to make any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Christmas Decor Roundup 2013

As is the theme of this year I just wasn’t too motivated to bring out much of my Christmas decor. For me what I put out this year isn’t really very much. I probably only have about a third of what I had out last year. So, if you want to see some better Christmas spirit go check out last years decor.

So now that I’d said my disclaimer here it goes. You’ve probably already seen the new addition for this year which was the nativity canvas set.

Christmas Decor 2013 1

Continuing around the family room I just set out a couple of the snow globes that I had on the console table.

Christmas Decor 2013 2

Last year before we put our artificial tree away we actually pulled off all the lights which was painful and time consuming. This year I just threw up some colored lights since it was different but I didn’t really like how they turned out. I think next year I will go back to the white lights.

Christmas Decor 2013 3

I put up the nativity that Chris bought me last year. Of course I was too lazy to find an extension cord so I can’t actually turn on the lights that are around the garland.

Christmas Decor 2013 4

Moving in the entryway the Bethlehem nativity went up again.

Christmas Decor 2013 5

Of course I had to put out the snow baby Eeyore that I got from my brother many years back.

Christmas Decor 2013 6

In the living room I cleared off a spot on the picture ledges and put up one of my Christmas villages that I got from my mom. Of course I did clear off another little spot on another shelf and apparently never found anything to fill that back in with.

Christmas Decor 2013 7

Since it was easy I did put up a couple things on top of the china cabinets in the living room.

Christmas Decor 2013 8

Christmas Decor 2013 9

The last things that I put out were just on the telephone table in the entry.

Christmas Decor 2013 10.

It was really hard to be motivated with Thanksgiving being so late this year and having family here all weekend. Just like last year it took me all week to put up just this and then it was only a couple weeks until Christmas. It just didn’t feel worth the effort.

On the other had Chris surprised me and wanted to put lights up on the house again this year. After last year we threw away the lights we had since they were mostly burned out. We did a little searching around and found about four sets of large white LED lights to put up. We met up with some friends of ours a couple of weekends ago and Zach was nice enough to climb around on the roof with Chris to put up all the lights.

Christmas Decor 2013 11

Since we also have the new deck this year Chris couldn’t resist putting up some of the extra lights we had on the back deck as well.

Christmas Decor 2013 12

I know the next picture is dark but I couldn’t resist sharing just one more photo of our first snow of the season that we had a few days ago.

Christmas Decor 2013 13

Have you gone all out with Christmas decor this year or do you prefer to keep things simple and modest?

Nativity Canvas Art

Last winter I wanted to switch out my canvases in our family room to something more season appropriate but I just never got around to it. Here is a reminder of what the set has looked like:

Clean Bench

A couple of months ago I got it in my head that I wanted to do it this year so I grabbed 2 8×10 canvases and 2 11×14 canvases. I decided that I wanted to do something that was centered around the nativity.

I pulled out a sample pot of Martha Stewart’s Azurite (MSL 167) to use as a background. It’s actually the same color I used on the front door and it is a little darker than the kitchen so I thought it would blend well with my decor.

Nativity Canvas 1

Next I found some shapes that I liked on the Silhouette Online Store and used scrap paper to test the sizes and placement for all the  shapes.

Nativity Canvas 2

It took a lot of tries but I finally figured out how I wanted everything and got the fonts to look the way I wanted them on the quote. By the way the quote is from a song by Jars of Clay called “Love Came Down at Christmas”.

Nativity Canvas 3

After I finally figured out how large I wanted the shapes I had to decided what papers to cut everything from.

Nativity Canvas 4

Once everything was cut I was ready to figure out how to attach it all to the canvases. I honestly got a little frustrated when trying to adhere the papers to the canvas and I think I lost motivation to take any photos. Basically I ended up having to use a glue stick to glue the shapes down and then I covered it all with mod podge to seal it. Since the mod podge is so wet it ended up bubbling some of the papers especially on some of the larger pieces. It’s hard to tell in the photos but in person it’s a little more noticeable.

Nativity Canvas 5

I do like how it turned out in the end it just didn’t go as smoothly as I had originally hoped. It is really nice though to have something more fitting for the Christmas season.

Nativity Canvas 6

I guess it’s just another case of my ideas being more grand than what I am able to accomplish. Has anyone else made a project lately and had high expectations than you weren’t able to achieve?

Reversible Placemats

Between the general holiday busyness and what feels like super short days here I have to admit that I haven’t been especially motivated to update the blog in the past month. Since it’s now less than a week until Christmas I thought I better try and finish some of the posts that relate to this time of year before they are completely out of date. In the meantime I’m just gonna keep up my fall wreaths until spring comes around just like last year. (If you do something two years in a row it’s pretty much a a tradition right?)

Ok now on to the vaguely holiday related post!

About the same time I made my new kitchen mixer rug I also made a set of new reversible place mats. (Yes that was over a month ago.)

Reversible Placemats 1

I used some place mats I already had on hand as well as a setting of china to figure out how big I wanted to make my place mats.

Reversible Placemats 2

Just like with the mixer rug I finished one edge as well as attached a fleece interfacing to one of the fabrics.

Reversible Placemats 3

After I sewed the two sides together I had the exciting task of hand stitching the opening closed on twelve place mats. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate hand sewing?

Once the hand sewing was done I did come back and do a little top stitching to keep the edges from rolling too much.

Reversible Placemats 4

After they were all done and set out on the table with my new table runner I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Reversible Placemats 5

For the first year ever we actually had Thanksgiving here at our house.

Reversible Placemats 6

It was great to finally have a good excuse to bring out the fine china.

Reversible Placemats 7

Now I just need to find an excuse to flip those place mats over and use them for a Christmas event.

Reversible Mixer Rug

One of my very first posts on this blog was about a rug that I made to go under my mixer. Back then I talked about how I like to keep my Kitchenaid mixer tucked back in a corner but I have a hard time pulling it out when I want to use it. The mixer rug turned out to be a really nice solution and I thought it was pretty cute.

Fast forward to now and I’ve learned a little bit from how I made the first one the rug doesn’t really match the kitchen now that we’ve painted. Here’s a reminder of what my first version looked like.


Since I had quite a bit of fabric left over from making my fall pillowcases and table runner I thought this would be a great time to update the mixer rug and even make it a little season appropriate.

One of the things I realized from my first attempt was that I made it a little large. The rug ended up bunching up a when I pushed the mixer back into the corner. So this time around I made it a little smaller.

I cut one 3.5″x12″ strip out of each of the five fall fabrics I had on hand. For the back I used a 12″x 21.5″ piece of fabric. Since I thought it would be nice if it was reversible I found a fabric that I thought would work for winter.

Reversible Mixer Rug 1

I used my serger to piece the fall fabrics together as well as finish one edge of the top. For the back I serged one edge to finish it as well as connect it to a piece of fleece interfacing that I used as the batting.

Reversible Mixer Rug 2

From there I serged around all the edges and left a small opening to turn the rug just like a pillow case. After I turned it right side out I ironed it and closed up the hole with a needle and thread.

Reversible Mixer Rug 3

To finish the rug I top stitched around the edge as well as along each of the seams.

Reversible Mixer Rug 4

The original mixer rug tended to bunch and stretch when I moved the mixer in and out. I’m hoping that the extra quilting will give it a little more structure and stability.

Reversible Mixer Rug 5

I’m really happy with how the updated mixer rug turned out.

Reversible Mixer Rug 6

I think the size looks much better under the mixer.

Reversible Mixer Rug 7

It also matches the kitchen a little better and it’s a fun pop of fall colors.

Reversible Mixer Rug 8

Of course once I want to decorate for Christmas I can just flip it over.

Reversible Mixer Rug 9

Reversible Mixer Rug 10

Do you have a mixer that you use a lot? Would you consider ever making a little rug to go under it or am I the only person with this problem trying to pull my mixer across my counters?

Winter To Do List

Winter 2013 To Do List

I know it’s not really winter yet but it’s not too early to plan ahead. I just talked about what I was able to finish on my summer bucket list and I thought I would make another list for this winter. This time I’m trying to be just a little more realistic.

1. Guest Bedroom Textiles:

I’ve been wanting to add just a little something more to the foot of this plain white duvet cover. A while back I purchased some more fabric I just haven’t quite decided what I want to do.

Guest Room Painting 15

2. Finish Guest Bathroom:

This is probably the easiest on the list. I’m almost done with phase one for now really. All I need to do is clean it up and put things away again.

Painting Guest Bathroom 16

3. Paint Master Bed Canvas:

I’ve been wanting to fill the space above our headboard for a while now as well as just add a little something more to our room. I have a set of canvas’ I just can’t quite decide what I want to do with them.

Master Bedroom

4. Upholster Bar Stools:

Another slightly embarrassing project that I’ve had the fabric for a while. I purchased fabric at the same time I bought fabric for the kitchen window pleated valance (to make sure they matched) and I just haven’t gotten around to doing this.

Kitchen Bar Stools

5. Paint Baby Dresser:

This is probably one of the longest shots. I’m still not highly motivated since I know it will be time consuming. Especially now that it’s cold outside.

Summer Bucket List 4

Do you have a list of things that you would like to get done this winter?