Woodland Animal Nursery Reveal

Here it is. The nursery reveal! I’m calling it finished . . . at least for now. Lets take a little tour of how it all turned out and I’ll mention all the sources I can along the way.

Nursery Final Reveal 1

First up I’ll start behind the door on the left hand side of the room.

Nursery Final Reveal 2

These two paintings were made by a good friend of mine Christina. They are just so cute and match the theme of the room perfectly.

Nursery Final Reveal 3

Nursery Final Reveal 4

Rounding the corner we’ve got a bunch of things going on.

Nursery Final Reveal 5

I made the shelves back when this room was the sewing room. (Info here). The decor on the shelves is a mix of things from Hobby Lobby, Target, Ikea and some things I already had.

Nursery Final Reveal 6

The mobile in the corner was a decoration from one of my baby showers and it was made by another friend Callie.

Nursery Final Reveal 7

Moving down is the Ikea Poang chair frame in black brown with the DIY cushions I made. I’ve also got a couple of throw pillows I made on the chair. Instead of an ottoman I made a fabric pouf to throw around. I’m using the Ikea Raskog cart as an end table and it’s pretty much just got a few nursing items on it that I think might be useful. On top of the cart I’ve got one of the Ikea Ekarp lamp bases with the Umfors shade.

Nursery Final Reveal 8

It’s a little hard to see but the fabric basket I made is tucked in between the chair and the crib. The crib is the Ikea Sundvik and the mattress sheet and crib skirt were both made by me. The flag garland above the crib is another DIY project that I finished up recently.

Nursery Final Reveal 9

In the window is the roman shade I made a while ago as well as the new curtains. I’ve even got the garland that matches the mobile hanging in the window for now.

Nursery Final Reveal 10

Under the window is the Ikea Expedit (Kallax) shelving that we added the 4 1/2″ Ikea Capita legs to. Inside the shelves are a bunch of the Drona boxes also from Ikea.

Nursery Final Reveal 11

On the last wall is the DIY laundry basket that’s hiding in the corner. Next to the basket is the baby dresser and the Ikea Hemnes dresser that we repainted and added new knobs to. The taller dresser is holding clothes and a few blankets. Hidden inside the other dresser is diapers and a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff organized in a few sets of the Ikea Skubb boxes.

Nursery Final Reveal 12

The woodland animal art I made is hanging above both of the dressers. Whenever I take photos of them they look like they are spaced and hanging awkwardly. In person it looks better but it’s hard to get a good angle in this small room.

Nursery Final Reveal 14

Lastly I’ve got a couple of the Ikea Vackert containers holding pacifiers on top of the dresser and some of the Y weave baskets from Target holding diapering things. The changing pad is from BabiesRUs and the cover was another DIY project.

Nursery Final Reveal 13

The room was painted over a year ago now and the walls are Zinc (MSL267) and the ceiling is Sunken Pool (MSL126), more info here.

So that’s it. It’s a little crowed with everything but it’s hard to maximize storage without a closet. So far I haven’t quite filled up all the drawers and boxes. I’ve got some boxes in the shelves and some space in the shorter dresser to put more things. Now all that’s left is bringing home our new baby boy and see how the room works. I have no doubt things will be reorganized and moved around once we see how everything gets used.

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