Folding Laundry Bag for the Nursery

Since I still had an over abundance of left over fabrics I wanted to figure out a laundry basket that I could make instead of buy. I found a tutorial on Make it and Love it of a wooden framed laundry bag. Nursery Laundry Basket 8

The tutorial is really detailed so I don’t have a whole lot to add to it. If you’re interested in making your own go check that out.

Since the laundry bag is reversible I chose two different fabrics to use. One is a heaver weight home decor fabric left over from the pouf and the other is a lightweight cotton. Nursery Laundry Basket 1

The only difference I made from the original pattern was making the straps so that they have a different fabric on each side. Nursery Laundry Basket 2

For the frame Chris cut some 1×2’s for me following the sizes in the pattern. Then I just used some of the Minwax express stain in onyx to give it some color. Nursery Laundry Basket 3

After the stain dried Chris assembled the frame. Nursery Laundry Basket 4

Then all that was left to do was hang the bag on the frame. Nursery Laundry Basket 5

Here’s the chevron side out. . .

Nursery Laundry Basket 6

and the green side out.

Nursery Laundry Basket 7

I’m happy with how it turned out. Right now I’ve got it tucked in a corner and since it’s foldable it’s really easy to move around. I think the only change I would make if I did it over would be to make the straps a little shorter and make the shorter sides of the bag a little wider. I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t seem to fit the frame quite right.

Nursery Laundry Basket 8

There’s another nursery project done and up on the blog! I’ve still got a few more projects to share before I’m ready for the final reveal but I’m getting close.

2 thoughts on “Folding Laundry Bag for the Nursery

  1. I like that. That’s very clever and I like that it even folds up. Good job. Live you guys. Looking forward to baby boy! Bless you. Grandma DD.


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